Silver Shadow Dances Walcott’s Poems

SILVER Shadow Performing Arts Academy Presents ‘Poetry in Motion’ the theme of the upcoming dance production as part of the annual Nobel Laureate Week 2015 celebrations.

“Poetry in Motion” is a concept created by renowned St. Lucian Choreographer Barry George who has being inspired by the brilliant work of poetry written by Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott. It highlights an artistic showcase of dance works inspired by eight selections written by Walcott.

The production will feature poems such as “A city’s death by fire”, “A far cry from Africa”, “Dark August”, “Blues”, “The Glory Trumpeter”, “Love after Love”, “After the storm” and “The Star”.

The production will feature a variety of dance styles including, folk, contemporary, Afro-Caribbean and modern and will be performed by an amazing cast of 10 outstanding dancers from the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy. This is the first time in St. Lucia that Walcott’s poetry will be interpreted in dance.

This production aims to: promote youth in the performing arts, develop a culture of audience attendance and supporting theatrical productions, raise the level of awareness of the performing arts and allow the youth an avenue to channel their exuberance.

It also hopes to ensure the continued promotion and development of Saint Lucia’s art and culture and celebrate a week of excellence within the Nobel Laureate celebrations.

The 10 member performing cast includes dancers, Ron Gill, Shartoya Jn Baptiste, Sylanne Raymond, Germaine Charles, Patrice Lewis, Nicole Samuel, Gideon Ambrose, Crystal Octave, Natanni St. Omer and the narrator will be 2014 National Carnival Queen Licia Jn Paul.

Two separate productions of ‘Poetry in Motion’ are scheduled for the National Cultural Centre. The first on Friday will be a Schools Matinee Showcase at 1:00p.m. targetting both literature and Theatre arts students, especially the CXC theatre arts students.

The second show on Saturday evening will be for the general public a nd starts at 8:00 p.m.

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