St. Lucia’s First Underwater Wedding

Only in its third year, the Saint Lucia Dive Festival has produced its first underwater wedding,“a major highlight for us …

Harris Paints Leads the Way as Platinum Sponsor for Cancer Walk

Image: Representatives of the BCS Breast Screening Programme, CIBC FirstCaribbean and Harris Paints are set to Walk for the Cure once again.

REGIONAL paint company Harris Paints is making the colour pink a priority, as their staff will don pink shirts across …

“SA KA FETE” to the Residents of Cornerstone

Image: Taslima Khan with Cornerstone resident, the artist, Andrew Anthony.

BRITISH national, Taslima Khan, founder of TASLIMA K, has partnered with the Saint Lucian-based Caribbean Elective to create an arts-therapy …

Public Called to Voice Concerns at RSS Panel Discussion Friday

A UNIQUE opportunity has been presented to the public and they are being called on to engage in dialogue on …

Taylor Made Farms for ‘Richest Race in the Caribbean’

TAYLOR Made Farm has been confirmed as the second high profile purchaser of a slot for newly launched Pitons Cup, …

RFHL One Step Closer To Closing Scotia Transaction

Image of a Scotiabank sign

REPUBLIC Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) is now one step closer to expanding its reach within the Caribbean region. The Eastern …

Letters & Opinion

What do YOU Know About Saint Lucia?

Image of NRC Chairman Earl Bousquet

ENTERTAINERS in the global visual domain have a knack for creating programmes featuring smart people putting smart questions to not-so-smart …

Climate Action Starts Now

THE effects of climate change are becoming more and more apparent, so much so that most people have accepted, and …

Charity Begins at Home, but Must Not End There!

A POPULAR saying says: Charity begins at home! It’s just a saying to some, but it’s a life-saver for hundreds …

Piggybacking on Black Pride

SLAVERY in the United States of America ended with the Civil War in 1865 but, the oppression and victimization of …

Hype or Hilarious Hypocrisy?

Image: Boris Johnson... first flying sky-high on Brexit, until his chances of breezing through an early general election before Brexit went blowing with the wind. (Photo Courtesy: The Guardian)

TOMORROW, Sunday September 15, marks International Day of Democracy, an appropriate time to take a good look at the best …

Is Lawlessness the New National Attraction?

Image: Crime scene of Thursday's fatal shooting.

AFTER viewing an episode of Untold Stories referring to the 2017 murders that had reached about sixty for that year, …


Image: (L-R) Lyla Lionel, Samara Edward and Chrissy Cox. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

Update: Man Charged in Homicide on Manoel Street, Castries

Health And Wellness Ministry Debunks Killer Fruit Deception

Image: Dhan-Raj Chaz Cepal gone, but not forgotten. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

Cricketer Chaz Cepal: “The Final Chapter”

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Tropical Storm Matthew: A Storm In Pictures

Sounding Off

Me, Too!

HOLLYWOOD is quaking in their boots right now but, most importantly, as a result, so is the Western world and …