Funny or Incredulous?

EVEN in little Saint Lucia funny and sometimes incredulous things happen. Take for instance an entity making money out of …

Super Moto Extravaganza for Independence 40

ALL in the spirit of celebrating Saint Lucia’s fortieth anniversary of Independence expect to see the St Lucia Moto X …

Emergency Crews Respond to Fatal Crash

SAINT LUCIA police have confirmed the death of one man in a vehicular accident this week. The man was travelling …

Digicel Steps In To Help Afterschool Care & Support Group

ATTENDING to the needs of at-risk students once they’ve left the school playground, is never an easy task – particularly …

Scotiabank Agrees To Pay Out Merit Increases

Image of a Scotiabank sign

THE Management of the Bank of Nova Scotia has agreed to pay out Merit Increases to its employees at all …

EU Warns St. Lucia About Its Preferential Tax Measures

THE European Code of Conduct Group (CCG) has sent out letters to six jurisdictions asking them to update their preferential …

Letters & Opinion

Elected officials should not be dual nationals

Image of Ronald Sanders

(The writer is Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to the United States and the Organisation of American States. He is …

Justice and Peace in Our World — The struggles of People of Colour (Part 3)

Image of a peace sign

SHAKA Esnard in a recent interview with Radio 100 insisted that: “St. Lucia is a hurting nation”. Indeed, Shaka was …

Levern’s 20 X 40 @ 40 — Why not name it after the serene Levern Spencer and just Call that George?

Image of Levern Spencer

THE following good news landed on my I-Pad yesterday: As celebrations continue for the observance of Levern Spencer’s 20th Consecutive …

Street vibes not only about street life!

THESE days life is all about street vibes, as, on the street is where most people hustle, it’s the street …

UWP goes after coconut vendors – who is next?

THE Saint Lucia Labour Party is outraged by the consistent oppressive behaviour of the UWP government towards persons who are …

A Trap of Violence

Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange

I cannot believe that in 2019 men are still beating women. Despite all the PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) that have …


Image of bullet riddled car

Afternoon Shooting Claims another Life

Image of Timothy Poleon

Tim Gets The Real Deal!

Image of a gavel
Image of Veteran Journalist/Broadcaster Timothy Poleon

RCI Dismisses Veteran Journalist/Broadcaster Timothy Poleon

Most Commented ...

Racism Is Alive And Real

The Greatest Gift


Jenna-Anne Gaston – Who Said Big Isn’t Beautiful?


31 Receive Independence Awards

Vive La Marguerite!

Tropical Storm Matthew: A Storm In Pictures

All Women

Woman Of The Week – Cherry Ann Gaillard-Williams

Image of Cherry Ann Gaillard-Williams

Woman Of The Week – Kashina Anneville

Image of Kashina Anneville

Woman Of The Week – Diane Felicien

Image of Diane Felicien

Woman Of The Week – Janeka Simon

Image of Janeka Simon

Sounding Off

Me, Too!

HOLLYWOOD is quaking in their boots right now but, most importantly, as a result, so is the Western world and …