NCOPT Welcomes Fuel Price Drop, But Will Lobby For More

THE National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) has welcomed the recent reduction in fuel prices but will be using next Tuesday’s meeting with Infrastructure Minister Philip J Pierre to lobby for an even lower rate.

NCOPT President Godfrey Ferdinand told THE VOICE yesterday that his organization has a seven-point agenda to discuss with Minister Pierre and the fuel prices is only one such issue.

“We are happy that the rates have gone down although we would have liked them to drop even further”, Ferdinand said.

According to Ferdinand, NCOPT would be happier had the price of gasolene been reduced to $12.75 or thereabout. “At that rate we would have been happy because this represents the cut off point for us”, Ferdinand said.

The Government last week lowered the prices of fuel. Gasolene went down from $15.85 to $13.64 a gallon. Diesel also dropped from $15.14 to $13.21 a gallon but there is a spirited debate going on in the country over those rates with some arguing that they could have been dropped much lower and accusing the government of making more on the commodity than it should.

Prine Minister Dr, Kenny Anthony refuted those charges when he delivered his New Year’s address last Sunday.

The opposition United Workers Party is planning a protest march against the fuel rates and other issues on Thursday next week.

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