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Gun Violence Rattles Vieux Fort

Gun violence in Vieux Fort is rattling the security apparatus of the country to the point where Prime Minister Philip J Pierre calls it “a situation of concern” and that it must be dealt with immediately.

Police Commissioner, Milton Desir
Police Commissioner, Milton Desir

To put action to his words last Monday Police Commissioner, Milton Desir; Vieux Fort Mayor, Cyril Saltibus; Head of the Police Southern Division, Elvis Thomas and members of the Commissioner’s office, visited the areas most affected by gun violence in Vieux Fort.

The group held talks with key stakeholders of the town on strategies to help quell the violence assuring the public that efforts will be made to stick to the strategies employed to fight the scourge.

Over the past few days there was an uptick in gun violence in Vieux Fort which claimed at least one life over the weekend.

Vieux Fort Mayor, Cyril Saltibus
Vieux Fort Mayor, Cyril Saltibus

Mayor Saltibus has condemned the surge in gun violence in his town saying that “this callous disregard for life is ripping families apart, instilling fear amongst residents and creating a negative reputation for the community.”

“No one should live in fear in a place they call home,” he said, adding that no parent or child should be plunged into grieving by senseless murders.

“Enough is enough. We need to speak out not only to condemn the death of loved ones but to expose the perpetrators and those who harbour them,” Saltibus said.

He called on residents of Vieux Fort to stand up against gun violence and work at identifying and resolving the causes of the problem from its core.

But as mayor what are his plans to combat gun violence in his town?

Said Saltibus: “As your mayor, I am limited by the powers and resources of my office, but I can advocate on our behalf. Advocate for more police presence and result oriented strategies.”

He said he plans to invite all concerned Saint Lucians to take a stand against what he called “the senseless and destructive path by those involved in this unlawful surge. And that he will follow up with the authorities and assist where he can with their strategies in helping to chart the community back on the right path.

Dr. Kenny Anthony, Vieux Fort South
Vieux Fort South representative in parliament, Dr. Kenny Anthony

Vieux Fort South representative in parliament Dr. Kenny Anthony says he condemns the acts of violence taking place in his constituency and calls on the police to spare no effort in tracking down the perpetrators so as to bring them to justice.

“I call on Vieux Fortians to play their part by cooperating with law enforcement agencies,” Anthony said, noting that he was given the assurance by Police Commissioner Desir that the violence in Vieux Fort will be brought under control.


  1. Extremely poor reporting. Three press releases already heard and read elsewhere strung together with no details of the actual shooting. What caused it, who were involved, anyone got killed on injured. Word is some high powered firearms were used. Is that true? Are people of Vieux Fort concerned? How did we get to this stage? As the oldest media house in the country, you should have done better than that.

  2. I am not surprised; not that I was expecting anything other than the usual rhetorical verbiage from the authority; it is just a shame not to have known that you are sitting on a ‘Powder Keg’ ready to blow up at anytime. St. Lucia is a small place, most everyone know of each other, or know what the other one is doing. The criminals know each other; they may not like each other, it’s a competitive business, and $millions involved. The Judiciary system on the Island is a joke and because of that, the criminal elements are taking full advantage. There is only one solution but the powers there be are too intimidated, too cowardly and against the political grain, and so you have it. Havoc runs wild, the Police out Gunned, not enough to keep watch, badly trained for this specialized job, too soft on criminals, too scared to give evidence in court, afraid of reprisals – here’s the thing, bring in foreign Troup from other Islands – make sure they are the Bad-Ass guys who will take no nonsense.(under this administration, that wont work: because of one man in the Cabinet, they are his boys) that is why the sitting member from V/Fort will not serve in that particular cabinet, because of that significant other. I don’t see it getting better, get ready for the ride, strap on your Safety Belts, Mama keep your children safe, Bullets already flying wild every where you go. Since you forgot the God your maker, and running after the riches of this world – I will give you a wake up call – I am the God of the Universe says the Lord.God.

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