ER clinical staff lounge at Respiratory Hospital Refurbished

The Respiratory Hospital recently unveiled its refurbished and upgraded ER clinical staff lounge with the help of the St. Lucia’s Manufacturers Association.

Refurbished staff lounge at Respiratory Hospital
Refurbished staff lounge at Respiratory Hospital

The refurbished ER clinical staff lounge provides a space for staff to recharge during long and challenging periods at the Respiratory Hospital.

Minister for Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs Hon. Moses Jn. Baptiste expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to the St. Lucia Manufacturers Association for the gesture and investing their resources to ensure comfort for the staff at the hospital.

“This room will help with our mental health, because this is not an aspect of the COVID-19 battle which is not spoken about too much; mental health, stress. The stress that the doctors are going through, the porters, the cleaners and everyone around, the security people; you too are frontline workers and I can see the stress that you go through. I wish to thank you and to say to the St. Lucia Manufacturers’ Association this is really wonderful and heartwarming and I want to encourage your members to continue to reach out to the hospital and let us do this together.”

President of the St. Lucia Manufacturers Association Marguerite Desir says despite challenging times, the association saw the need to give back to Saint Lucia and the health sector.

“All of our manufacturers, the bulk of them contributed to ensure that it was a success. It is just the beginning because we have a lot more to offer and we encourage all other companies, all other associations to give back. This is the best way to help our nation and our society get better and we feel like if the wellness of our doctors, nurses and staff are taken care of, it will have a domino effect on the patients.”

The combined expenditures of the organisations within the St. Lucia Manufacturers Association who contributed towards the refurbishment of the ER clinical staff lounge was in the range of $50, 000.

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