NCF Meets with Scholarship Students in the South

OFFICIALS from the National Community Foundation (NCF) on Monday, July 19, met with scholarship students from Form One to Form Five and their parents who reside in the south of the island to discuss matters related to the NCF’s education scholarship programme for the academic year 2021/2022.

During the meeting which was held at the Beanefield Comprehensive Secondary School in Vieux Fort, students and parents shared some of the issues they faced over the last school term. The students were also issued letters which they will take to suppliers to procure their school items, such as shoes and uniforms.

The students also returned the various textbooks they were issued at the beginning of the last school year so that they can be issued another batch of textbooks for the new school year.

NCF Programme & Activities Coordinator, Natasha Chicot, said many of the parents complained about the students not having access to electronic devices during the virtual learning system adopted by the Ministry of Education as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Others complained about not having either inconsistent or no internet service at their homes.

Mrs. Chicot further commented: “Irrespective of the blended approach to learning students were forced to adopt, most of our scholarship students from the south keep their grades up, which is very commendable,” said Chicot. “So we applauded them for that.”

Parents expressed gratitude to the NCF’s assistance which has over the years contributed to the academic success of many students. Sherlanda Sinaise’s son who has dreams of becoming a pilot is one of the students benefitting from the scholarship programme.

“I’m very thankful to the NCF,” she said. “They have helped many students, including my son, with school supplies. This has motivated my son academically and otherwise and also makes life easier for us when it comes to providing for his school needs.”

Another parent said: “I want to say a big thank you to the NCF on behalf of myself and the other parents for the wonderful job that they are doing. I pray that God continues to guide and protect them so that they can continue to assist other parents and students. My daughter will be leaving the programme very soon because she’s in Form Five and has received five great years of assistance. She’s always placed either first in second in her class.”

Yet another parent said: “The NCF assistance lifts a burden off my shoulder because we all know how expensive books and uniforms are, so we’re very appreciative and grateful for this. My son lives in Choiseul and goes to school in Castries, so the assistance with transportation also helps. It’s a real blessing, so we do hope that people can continue contributing to the NCF.”

Her son, who plans to attend university overseas after he finishes high school, hopes to get into the fields of business and engineering.

Meanwhile, Edmira Stephen, grandparent to another scholarship recipient, who wants to become a fireman, said: “It’s a nice programme that the NCF is using to assist students and parents.”

The NCF was established in August, 2002, and is a philanthropic, non-profit organization that grants funds to deserving citizens in the following areas: education scholarships, healthcare, youth at risk, older persons, persons with disabilities, the homeless, and the Chess in Schools Programme.

The non-profit organization supports approximately 150 students on secondary school scholarships annually. The students attend schools throughout the island, 40 of whom sat the CSEC exams in 2020. In July 2020, an additional 21 full scholarships and six bursaries were granted to students. The organization also assisted many other students with school books, shoes and uniforms.

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