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King Is Not Labour

The independent candidate for Castries North has refuted claims which seem to align him to the Saint Lucia Labour Party.

Mr. King’s communication team released a statement in which the former Government minister expressed confusion over the leader of the opposition’s statement.

“I am absolutely disturbed by the statement made by Phillip J. Pierre on the evening of Saturday, July 10, 2021, in which he suggested that I have resigned from the United Workers Party (UWP) and have joined the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).”

The statement continued with the assurance that Pierre’s statement is the furthest from the truth and that King never applied to the SLP for membership, nor has he had any discussions with anyone in the SLP seeking membership. “I have made my position very clear – I am an Independent Candidate; independent of the established parties, and not aligned to any individual candidate in this election.

The release asserts that King’smission is a focused one for the cause of the people and the good of the

“My vision is beyond party, but rather a national crusade against the wrong that takes place in our society – corruption, abuse of power, victimization, disrespect and violation of the Constitution of the land.”

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