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Jeannine Giraudy-McIntyre Takes Over In Castries North

Hours after Stephenson King resigned from the United Workers Party and declared himself an independent candidate for the upcoming general elections, the party nominated Senate President Jeannine Giraudy-McIntyre to fill the position.

The announcement was made yesterday morning at a press conference at the party’s John Compton Highway headquarters.

Stating that she is an “unwavering Flambeau” and that King’s move was a smokescreen Giraudy-McIntyre said she is ready to serve.

Jeannine Giraudy-McIntyre

“Let me be clear, there are no independent candidates in this election. Any vote that is not a vote for the UWP, is a vote for the Saint Lucia Labour Party. It is as simple as that,” she said.

“With a great sense of pride and honour, I humbly offer myself as the candidate for United Workers Party, for the great constituency of Castries North where I was born and spent my childhood. As I offer myself to serve the people of Castries North, I take the opportunity to remind you that I was raised in our great party as the daughter of a founding father the mighty chairman, the late Emmanuel Henry Giraudy,” she said.

Giraudy-McIntyre promised to walk through the entire constituency to listen to the concerns of constituents. She said she will ensure that the UWP’s 5 for 5 plan will benefit residents of Castries North, should she be elected.

“I have learned that one cannot thrive without unity. A constituency cannot be built alone. I know I can rely on the support of our great United Workers Party, for as my dad used to say to me, don’t worry Jeannine, we have a party machinery and loyal supporters like no other,”  Giraudy-McIntyre said.

She stated that she is “truly saddened by the peculiar departure” of Stephenson King, especially since he was so close to her family. The UWP candidate said she is surprised by the “deliberate timing” of his departure.

“My dad had two protégés, Stephenson King and me and he used to say in his customary stern voice, Jeannine, take care of issues from within not from outside. One of us has left our great party and now that chapter is closed,” she said firmly.

But she promised that a new chapter will be brighter and that she brings a fresh, new vision for the constituency especially for youth and women. Giraudy-McIntyre assured supporters that she is strong and able to get the job done and urged persons to vote for her.

“You may already know me as the President of the Senate of our Parliament and as a lawyer and as chairperson of CDF and the national archives authority and as the person who brought you the wonderful 40th anniversary of Independence and Prime Minister’s Playlist one and two. Now I present myself to you, constituents of Castries North as the candidate for our very, very soon General election,” she said.

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  1. The beauty and the Best. welcome Jeannine, we have never met bet reading from what is written of you, I am very impressed. Impressed but not at all surprised, I knew your Dad very well, and also, I do know your Mom. Deep Roots produces great fruit. Now that you have stepped onto that Road that your dear father left behind and are hoping to carry the Touch, deep into a bright future, the limits as astounding and as bright as Heaven would prefer. For too long have women been sidelined, for too long we have embraced mediocrity over a balanced, steady, talented, Qualified and well travelled personality. Now today, we have that opportunity to turn that around. Madame Jeannine Giraudy-McIntyre, do allow me this brief moment in time, 1 to greet you to the fold where you rightly belong, 2, and as a woman, one who will stand tall, way above men of great physical stature but rather in mind and educational culture. May the good Lord bless you now, you,re on your way.

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