Job Fair Saturday

Bridging Gap Between Education, Employment.

AS Nobel Laureates’ festival comes to a close and a spirit of achievement and excellence washes over the nation, a team of consultants and volunteers at AdVizze Consulting Inc, a business development firm, makes the final arrangements for its nonprofit Job Fair Expo ’17 slated for next Saturday at the Johnson’s Centre from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Aimed at reducing the increasing rate of the unemployed especially among the youth through education, this initiative seeks to identify the areas which need the most attention and assist in alleviating the issues over time, through a number of interventions.

Under the theme, ‘Bridging the gap between education and employment’, the fair aims to provide access to jobs, internships and provide students and job seekers an opportunity to interact with individuals in a variety of sectors.

To alleviate the strain on businesses which constantly complain of the lack of preparedness of applicants, the fair will go a step further by providing a CV and interview etiquette clinic which will assist job seekers in becoming better prepared for the application and then interview session. The idea is to move away from the notion of “this is how it has always been done”, to reinforcing the need for new ways of doing things to be successful.

Businesses as well are encouraged to network as this collaborative spirit will help mitigate mutual issues within the marketplace.

Additionally, to circumvent giving a candidate a false impression of their chances of employment with their current qualifications, exhibitors will provide support as it relates to continued education which at times is the necessary step to becoming gainfully employed. A few firms will be on hand to highlight the various courses available and provide guidance to attendees depending on their needs including the cruise sector and developing entrepreneurial endeavours.

Said Event Coordinator KeziaPreville at AdVizze Consulting Inc: “We are grateful for the support for this job fair with a difference and thank all the companies and individuals who are assisting us to place the emphasis on education as a key component to a successful employee and to help empower individuals to work towards building a career they can be proud of.”

Despite the challenges in gaining support, Ms Preville said she is encouraged by the sectors represented at this event and hope this acts as a catalyst to encourage other companies who are able to loan their expertise to change the current state of our workforce and add this integral component as part of its plans.

She added: “We know the problems stem from other areas including social issues and hope this event can be a stepping stone to start the process in a small way, through highlighting problem areas, connecting the right persons and institutions and giving hands-on support to those who are willing to accept it”.

Other exhibiting companies and experts at the event include institutions like the SLHTA, CHTTi, Cox & Company, the Association of Chartered Accountants, NRDF and a mix of entrepreneurs, startups and experts in areas including music, life coaching, brand development, small business management, mentorships, graphic design, engineering and the beauty sector will be on hand to educate, offer internships, jobs and network. These include Boo Hinkson, Hanna Fitz, Marie Piazza, Lisa Ellis, Leslie Collymore, Jonathan Preville, Shane Larcher, Kurmysha Harris, Andra Joseph, JamesAdjodha, Tarriba do Nascimiento, Ted Sandiford and GorettiLawrency.

The Job Fair Expo is free and open to all. For more information about the fair or to support this worthy cause, please email

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