The Spy Who Stayed out In The Cold

WHEN Ronald Reagan – from behind the “Iron Curtain” in East Germany – called on Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down these walls”, the imperial and ideological dreams of the Soviet Union (an Ivinghoe beacon of despair), began to wink like a battery-drained flashlight in a horror movie. Nikolai Khrushchev’s “We will bury you” threat in the 1950s began to ring hollow as political history unfolded.

Remain Vigilant

THE DSH project for the South is an opportunity which the SLP deliberated upon for over two years and never entertained the idea of sharing the concept with the public. More importantly, Invest St. Lucia spent over two years of expensive man hours with the concurrence of the St. Lucia Labour Party, simultaneously making empty promises to the investors – a practice which cost them the elections. St. Lucians simply had enough of an administration who could not or were terrified of making decisions based on their poor judgements like Rochamel, Grynberg, IMPACS and the Lambirds fiasco to name but a few.

Twins Delivered at St. Jude on Consecutive Days

Image of twins with their mothers.

FOR the staff of the maternity ward at St Jude Hospital, 2017 has started with double the excitement and double the fun. The hospital delivered two sets of twins in two days in the first week of the New Year. “We’ve never had two sets of twins being born at St Jude Hospital just one day apart,” said midwife and maternity ward charge nurse Julia Vitalis. “Twins usually come weeks or months apart so the entire ward was absolutely ecstatic.”

St. Lucian In U.S. Adult Education Hall of Fame

Image of Dr. Mary Alfred

SAINT LUCIAN Professor Dr. Mary Alfred has received one of the highest accolades in the United States for adult education. Dr.Alfred who hails from Choiseul, was inducted into the International Adult & Continuing Education (IACE) Hall of Fame for her scholarship and leadership in the profession. She was one of 13 leaders from around the world to be inducted at the ceremony in Orlando, Florida.

Cost-cutting Turns NHC Around

Image of Chairman Timothy Mangal

ONE month after announcing the National Housing Corporation’s inability to pay its debts and reeling in a state of bankruptcy, Chairman Timothy Mangal is today painting a healthier financial picture of the company. This is not to say that the Corporation’s financial position is still no longer dreadful, a month of cost cutting measures and taking certain decisions resulted in the healthy financial picture Mangal paints.

St. Jude Audit Is In

GOVERNMENT will shortly be perusing the technical audit on St. Jude Hospital as a copy of the report will soon be in the hands of the Cabinet of Ministers. Economic Development Minister, Guy Joseph Wednesday told reporters that the audit has now been completed. He said he will not speculate on the content of the report in case his comments prejudice any court action that might arise from it.

Peepal Publishes John Robert Lee

Image of “John Robert Lee’s Collected Poems

PEEPAL Tree Press (UK) has announced on its website the forthcoming publication of John Robert Lee’s Collected Poems 1975-2015. The book will be published on April 3. In 2008, Peepal Tree had published Lee’s “elemental: new and selected poems.” Peepal is the leading publisher of Caribbean literature. Several St. Lucian writers are on their list, including Garth St. Omer, KendelHippolyte, Jane King, Vladimir Lucien, Adrian Augier and Earl Long

Former MP Donates To Soufriere Library

Image of J. Baden Allain

FORMER Member of Parliament for Soufriere, Attorney J. Baden Allain has made a contribution of some 250 books from his personal collection to the Soufriere Library. Allain told THE VOICE that the gesture was intended to encourage the townspeople, especially the young, to do more reading. He said the collection covers a wide range of subjects by some outstanding West Indian authors like George Lamming, Walter Rodney, Eric Wiliams, Franz Fanon.

Trinidad Clamps Down on Child Marriages

Image of Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Jan. 12, CMC – Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi on Wednesday revealed that there have been over three thousand child marriages in the last 20 years in the twin island republic. Al-Wari made the disclosure in Senate as he piloted the Miscellaneous Provisions Marriage Bill 2016 – that seeks to raise the age of marriage to 18, as recommended by the United Nations..

EU Goes Green With Electric Vehicle

THE European Union Delegation in Barbados is going green. The organisation recently acquired an electric vehicle as part of its fleet. Ambassador Daniela Tramacere said: “As one of the leading institutions championing the cause of green energy in the world the EU was delighted to enhance its fleet with a vehicle that helps to protect the environment from the emission of green-house gases”.

Taxi Executive

THE National Taxi Union (NTU) held its biennial Conference of delegates earlier this month. At the Meeting a new executive committee was elected to manage the affairs of the NTU for the next two years. It comprises: Kenneth Phillip (President), George Joseph (Vice President), Nigel Dickson (Secretary), Linus St. Clair (Assistant Secretary), IsidoreBrisefert (Treasurer), Mervin Dalsou (Trustee), and CantiusJn Baptiste (Trustee).