Mom Is Talking More: Can Coconut Oil Help?

Image of coconut oil

Q: Dear Nurse, my sister took my mom to see a specialist three months ago and they recommended she use coconut oil in her diet. I am not sure the amount prescribed but recently I have been noticing my mom is communicating better and recognizing me when I come to visit her. She used to always confuse my sister and I and I feel she really knows it is me. She had stopped talking over a year ago only, “yes” and “no” answers. Now she can tell me exactly what she wants. Does the coconut oil really have anything to do with it? Will it heal her?

Pakistan To Tour

St. John’s, Antigua – The West Indies and Pakistan Cricket Boards have agreed to play three Tests, three One-Day-Internationals and two Twenty20 matches in the Caribbean from Monday, March 27 to Monday, May 15. The series is scheduled to start in the twin-island of Trinidad and Tobago and end in Dominica.

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Image of Crime pill

IT’S a hard thing watching, reading or listening to the news these days knowing that at least one crime story might overshadow whatever positives are being achieved in this country. Quite often, the nation is left seemingly at a loss for words and comprehension as to why “good boys” and “good girls” keep raping our women, robbing our homes or killing each other through senseless violence.

Emergency Personnel At Barbados Training

SECURITY, public health and disaster management personnel from across the Caribbean are being put to the test as they participate in a training exercise aimed at improving regional responses during an emergency situation. The exercise, Synergy 2017, will present emergency scenarios that could occur in the Caribbean region. The exercise started yesterday and continue today at the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) based in Barbados.

U.S. Company To Build CIP Hotel in Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, CMC – A United States-based company is set to invest US$58 million in the Grenada tourism industry under the island’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) that Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell said is a way of “bringing serious investments to the country”. The five-star KimptonKawana Bay Resort, due to open in 2019, will comprise 110 luxury studio rooms and 45 suites. Twelve additional penthouse apartments will also be available for sale to private owners.

World ARC Sets Sail for Colombia

Image: World ARC participants waving goodbye as they make their way to Santa Marta. ( Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

THE 7th edition of the World ARC (2017-18) fleet set sail from Rodney Bay at noon on Saturday in near perfect weather conditions with winds up to 20 knots, creating a kaleidoscope of colours heading down the coast to Castries. Leading the was the committee vessel, Reel Extreme, with Minister of Tourism Dominic Fedee, World Cruising Club officials, members of the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Island Global Yachting and the Saint Lucia Yacht Club, on board.

CRIMINAL STUDENTS – Police Show Off Weapons And Drugs Seized

Image: The collection of weapons seized from students. [PHOTO: By PhotoMike]

TED King, the police corporal in charge of the northern section of the Community Relations Branch is calling for crime prevention programmes targeting secondary school students following an astounding amount of weapons and illegal drugs seized from them last year and the year before. Warning that offenders and victims of crime are getting younger at an alarming rate, which should be a cause for concern to the nation, he promised that his department will continue its pro-active approach in educating the youth through school presentations, organizing crime prevention programmes and conducting professional random school searches and interventions.