Pastor: ‘Babonneau Has A Spiritual Problem’

AS communities across the country express their outrage over societal problems like suicides and homicides, one community has decided to do more than just talk.

Christian churches and political leaders in Babonneau Tuesday agreed to ask God to intercede in stopping the social ills plaguing the community by singling out this Saturday as a day of prayer and fasting.

Pastor Nick Vitalis of one of the Seventh Day Adventist churches in Babonneau said : “The spiritual leaders of the community have come together to put our best foot forward in trying to alleviate the situation.”

A number of serious crimes have occurred in Babonneau in recent times. For instance, just last week a young man was allegedly murdered and buried in a shallow grave in the community.

A number of suicides have also been recorded in Babonneau.

Said Vitalis: “We are going to pray over a number of issues. If God could get his rightful place back in our homes and society then you will see persons dealing with their situations differently. We will pray for the restoration of the family, for the youth in the community, vulnerable individuals and leaders in the community.”

Jim Williams of the Gospel Baptist Church promised that his congregation will partner with others on Saturday in an effort to drive the evil spirits out of the community.

“We recognize what is going on in the community. We recognize that there is a problem and that God is the answer. We will partner with other churches on that day,” he said.

Pastor Quigley Morris of another Adventist church in the community said he was also impressed with the call to address what is going on in the community.

“Personally I’ve noted it’s not an educational problem and it’s not an unemployment problem. It’s really a godless society. We have parents who are not modelling Christ, parents who are not totally involved, young people are left to roam free,” Morris said.

Robert Mackie of the Babonneau Deliverance Church agrees with Morris in acknowledging that the problem in the community is a spiritual one.

“ Sometimes we depend on our intellect but our intellect sometimes fails us, but when we depend on God He will come through for us. Let’s pray for our community. Too many things are happening that are not godly,” he said.

Alvina Reynolds, the parliamentary representative for the area, and a Roman Catholic noted that the Catholic Church in Babonneau was also part of the prayer and fasting initiative.

“We want the community to go back to being peaceful, to go back to being a place where people cared for each other, neighbour helping neighbour,” she said.

The organizers of the prayer and fasting event promised said that this would the first of several programmes they plan to implement in the future geared towards restoring the community to one of godliness.


    There is no such thing as a spiritual problem ?
    all those so-call pastors just looking 4 personal attention and church membership.

    i would like 2 make this abundantly clear that i am not a “christian”
    i ma not a member of any religion.
    i do love reading and studying all type of religious books.
    and religious history
    there are all kinds of “problems” facing man kind
    but it is religion that is the very worse problem chiefly CHRISTIANITY!
    GENESIS 4: 1–15
    High-light .verse 7: If thou doest well,shalt thou not
    be accepted? and if thou doest not
    well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire,
    and thou shalt rule over him. end of quote.
    A desire good or bad positive or negative
    to rule over-one’s thoughts.
    ok a little more bible study!
    St Matthew 24: 1- 35
    high light verse 7
    For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:
    and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. end of quote.
    high light verse 34,35
    34 :Verily i say unto you, this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled.
    35: Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away. end of quote.
    i can go on and on but i have high lighted some of the bible quotes 2 make my point.
    some others also say: 4 love of money , love will wax-cold, father v son, mother v daughter, children fucking and making children.
    All are warning sings of what the world will see happening and experiencing at end times !
    The people involvement are there.
    Did your Jesus say any thing about spirit or devil involvement?
    let me step into Babonneau community with a liberal mind
    Babonneau like all other community’s in St. Lucia have a combination of deleterious psychological and environmental factors and numerous mental defects.
    health and physical problems : DRUGS,ALCOHOL,
    genetic prenatal and mental
    intellectual development
    this are some of the significant problems we as a people face with.
    This bull about evil devil spirit blackmagic etc etc. are just a religion rigmarole and there is no truth to it.
    If those pastors know their bible then they should teach what is written in it about the end times sings.Praying will not alter the words of God (according 2 the bible): “heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away”
    the devil makes those people believe that they are Christians when they’re not.
    Second Timothy 3
    It would come to pass in this days, that man would be heady, high minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.
    deceitful pastors those corn-artist are only there 4 the “TITHING” MAKING THEM-SELF VERY RICH Over the poor flocks.
    When S. King was PM a woman told him that God told her 2 tell him (king) 2 call a national day of pray. And pm King did just that he even wanted 2 make it a every year event.
    we say we are a christian nation and every day 24 hrs. we have all tipe of talking in unknown tongue calling on holy Mary calling on all the saints 2 help bring our prays 2 Jesus re-bucking Satan binding left right and center jumping rolling shouting dancing waving laying hands sprinkling holy-water smoking your ass with incense, all bull in the churches. yet the world is the same fuckkkkinggggg mess.



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