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Hermangild Francis Denounces Explicit Video Promoting Students Fete

Image of Image of National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis

Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security, Hermangild Francis, has expressed profound concern regarding the promotion of lewd behaviour and explicit content in advertisements for social events.

This expression of concern also comes against the backdrop of a promotional video which appears to involve the promotion of an event for college students — dubbed “Tsunami Lawn Party” — which has been heavily circulated on social media.

Image of National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis
National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis

The Minister says it is particularly disturbing that this crude video seems to feature students of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC).

“This type of conduct is extremely concerning and one that needs to be denounced by all key sectors,” Francis said.“These young people are seen as the future leaders of the country. I know that the community regards them highly as very intelligent, talented, young people with bright futures ahead of them. So you can imagine the disappointment to see this type of material is being promoted by some of the students.”

Francis says the promotion of lewd behaviour will not be tolerated.

“There is legislation to address this. There are also requirements to be met as regards the holding of mass crowd events and the Police handle that aspect. However, I do know that the senior police officers who are charged with granting approvals for such events are very insistent that certain standards are met,” he added.

Francis indicated that he would also engage the Minister for Education, Dr. Gale Rigobert, in dialogue on this development.

Meanwhile, the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College has adopted a zero tolerance stance on the circulating video. Acommunique has been circulated amongst the student body that indicates the proposed event is not sanctioned by the school.

According to the communique:“It has been brought to our attention that an activity, the Tsunami Lawn Fete, is being planned that involves students from the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

“Please note that the Saint Lucia National Trust has written to the College asking that we inform students that no activity will be allowed on the properties under the care of the Trust, in particular Prevost Park. The relevant authorities will be put on alert to ensure that this is enforced.

“The Management of the College wishes to inform that NO association to the College must be made when planning such events that are not sanctioned. We are very concerned about the content of the advertisement for the Tsunami Lawn Fete which is currently circulating. The representation of this activity is pregnant with portrayals of risky and dangerous behaviour that may even be illegal. The College, therefore, places on record its disassociation with any such activity and cautions students to conduct themselves responsibly at this pivotal time in their lives.

“Students in any breach of the Students’ Rules and Regulations that constitute misconduct will be liable to disciplinary action.”

A school official, speaking on the issue, lamented that most of the unhealthy behaviours displayed by young people stem from a wider societal degeneration that is a mirror image of what young people do. Said the college official: “We are currently developing a campaign that targets ‘responsible behaviour’ looking at responsible driving, sexual behaviourand social behavioursuch as aggression, bullying and drug consumption.”

The SALCC welcomes the support of parents, guardians and the wider society in ensuring that young people make sound and responsible decisions at all times.


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