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Desruisseaux Resident In Humanitarian Effort

By Kingsley Emmanuel
Image of Flerin helping out those in need

BETWEEN 30 and 50 persons from Vieux Fort are benefiting from the humanitarian gesture of a resident of Desruisseaux, Micoud, who singlehandedly provides them with lunch every Sunday.

Ethelda Flerin sets up a table with a pan of food on it on lower Clarke Street, Vieux Fort, where she feeds anyone who comes to her.

Image of Flerin helping out those in need
Flerin helping out those in need

According to Flerin, who started the initiative since last October, she was inspired to do so in a dream, coupled by horrible stories she heard from people regarding their plight.

“Some of the stories I heard from people in Vieux Fort were sad…The things that some of them have to go through just for a plate of food is hurting,” she lamented.

Flerin said she gives lunch to anyone who comes to her, regardless of their social class.

“In the dream I was never told who to give food, so I am giving anyone food. I give the young, old, anybody…It does not matter,” she said.

And this reporter saw exactly what she said when a number of people who can’t be described as “underprivileged” came for lunch.

Flerin said the people she feeds appreciate what she does and look forward for her meals every Sunday.

“They always wait for me…” she said

According to Flerin, who is unemployed, providing lunch for so many people is costly, but she gets it done without financial help from anyone. She added that she does not even get help to prepare the meals.

“I do not work but I just don’t sit doing nothing…” Flerin said

Flerin said she is committed to assisting those in need and will continue to do so regardless of the challenges she encounters.

“I will continue to make life better for people…”she said.

Just over a month ago, a similar situation led to another resident of Vieux Fort to provide lunch in another part of the town in an initiative which he dubbed, “Feed the Poor.”

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