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What is it about St. Lucia that causes such a high suicide rate?

Suicides have become the most pressing social problem facing St Lucia today.

It simply is appalling the number of people who are opting to end their lives..

But most alarming is the fact that as a nation, we have done nothing to try to determine the cause of this new problem in our midst. Apart from a few professional people appearing on television with bits of advice, we seem to have accepted that suicide must now become a way of life, or rather, a way of death, in St Lucia.

There is no question, however, that something needs to be done to bring this matter under some kind of control. It is a serious indictment on a country when so many of its citizens are taking their own lives, for whatever reason.

We need to hear from the people with power, the government, about this development. Is the government aware of what is going on? It does not seem so judging by the fact that there has been no official reaction that we can recall, far less a promise to attempt to halt the trend.

What do you, the reader, think? Tell us. Why are so many of our people taking their lives and what can be done about it? What is it about St. Lucia that causes such a high suicide rate?

One of the reasons would be that In Saint Lucians it is so hard for people to express their feelings to others. I think it causes so much stress to anybody. It’s a depressing situation.

I think it is because of overworked and stressed out people in Saint Lucia.

Lack of communication
Lack of patience
Most believe that they will be reborn

Oh boy here we go, I believe it’s the fear of failure and how pride is important. People take failure pretty damn hard here in Saint. Lucia. Relax people, please, just relax, you need to fail to succeed.

I think it’s because there is very little counselling or very poor social services here to deal with people who are suicidal due to being over worked, bullying, domestic violence or depression.

Nobody knows the cause of this, suicide is not high in St. Lucia but more than 5 is way too many for this island. Though I’ve never lost a friend to suicide, I have some who have depression issues and have thought of it before. I have a few questions. Even when a note is explaining the reason is found, questions usually remain, why? Why did their friend, family member take their own life? Yes, they felt enough despair to take their life, but why did they feel that? But all I see is that we are the ones who feel guilty for failing to see it coming. There are five true reasons why people try to take their life. 1. Depression, the pain of existence often becomes too much for the severely depressed to bear. 2. They’re psychotic, voices often command self-harm for no reason at all. 3. They often relate to drugs and alcohol. 4. They cry out for help but don’t know how to get it. 5. They’re trying to take control of their destiny and alleviate their own suffering due to serious medical conditions.

Because 30% of those who could work for a living can’t get a job. Or is it that unemployment is not the cause of suicide. Our last few suicide victims were employed.

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to suicide. And we all know that work causes huge amounts of stress. Most men are less emotional than women maybe that’s why the rate of suicide in men is higher.

Because females have friends to help them with mental health issues, men just have drinking buddies.

We should stop listening to country music, with all their heart breaking words, like seriously why would you remind people how someone rushed their heart..very sad music ,,,that thing called western “Kill Myself by Tim McGraw”..likeseriously,,why would you write those lyrics..

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  1. Because these days everyone want everything now, now, now. Everything they see they want. Second I don’t believe all the deaths are suicide; some people are just getting away with murder.

  2. I think the government should have counselling services offered free to citizens who might want or need help or to talk to someone. And make those services well known to the country.

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