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Should the government spend more money on improving roads in small communities?

Many people believe that the government should spend more money on improving roads. However, other people think that more money should be spent on improving public transportation. What are your views on this topic, with a new government in power should more roads be fixed in small communities around the island?

In my opinion governments should definitely spend more money on public transport over improving roads and highways. People would not only benefit for cheaper transport, and less pollution, but there will be less traffic accidents.

By all means, certainly build more roads. This is inevitable, otherwise you have to stop the importation of vehicles.

I have always thought: the country needs two transport hubs. One in Cul de sac, one in Choc. Build bus terminals at these locations, organize a ferry service every 30 mins from these locations to the city, and free Castries of this parking nightmare. The mini buses now take up all the parking space available in Castries. Place parking meters and earn some income from parking in the city.

More should be spent on improving roads. A lot of the infrastructure in the inner communities are in deplorable conditions, some of them for over 10 years. I’m sure there are persons who don’t know the roads to be any other way. These roads are so bad that buses refuse to go there. Walking these roads is even a hazard. The main roads and highways aren’t the only ones that need attention.



  1. Capital improvements are a necessity. Road development, maintenance and repair is vital to our economy. Accessibility is the only way to foster development. There are other benefits such as security to pedestrians and motorist to be gained by investing in infrastructure.

  2. We should not only improve roads in small communities but we need to widen our roads as well, it’s about time that we move away from the coziness both our roads and buildings are too cozy, that is why Canada made that statement last month about our roads. The drains are being erected too close to the edge of the roads and there are no shoulders if one gets a flat or some mishap occurs to pull over.
    I have always admired the longevity of the old four lane airport in Vieux Fort which has be in existence for over fifty years, without any median as compared to the Castries Gros Islet highway and the people in the south have no accidents and no problems with it. We can use it as a model and stop the use of asphalt altogether which needs more attention than the concrete roads.
    If we are talking about bringing back the banana industry we definitely need to maintain the small community roads.

    Just a thought,

  3. I think the time has come for us to build more highways in this country, so many cars are being imported and not enough roads, wider sidewalks as well.
    Whatever happened to that highway from Cas en bas to Denney proposed by the previous administration? I think it was a good idea. The tunnels were a good idea as well but it should have been four lanes and not two leading to the capital.

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