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The rise in CRIME

As we are aware crime in St. Lucia continues to be a cause of concern. Something as little as a comment can make you a criminal. Below are a few questions to ask yourself.

•Why do people become criminals? What are the causes of crime? Are some people born bad or do they become criminals as a consequence of the environment?
• Are the cinema and television responsible in any way for crime? If so, in what way?
•If people’s genes, environment and television are the causes of people’s criminality – is the person to blame? They are not responsible for any of these factors, so why do we punish them?
•What do you think the most common crime in your country is?
•Should police in your country be stricter or less strict?
•Is your country a safe country?
•Have you ever seen a crime? (Don’t talk about it if it’s too upsetting for you.)
•Do you think criminals can change?
•Is shoplifting common in your country?
•What kind of people shoplift and what kinds of things do they steal?
•Does your country have a big organized crime group like the mafia?
•Have you ever met someone from a mafia?
•What is the best way for police to keep neighborhoods safe?
•Can you tell if a kid will grow up to be a criminal?

We all know that while not every crime can be avoided, you can help the odds by being as alert and prepared as possible when on the street. So please be aware of your personal “space.” Attackers often “test” potential victims by judging how they react; passively or assertively; when their area of comfortable space is invaded. We all need to act alert and confident.

Stranger danger. We should void conversations with strangers who look suspicious. If you feel you have to answer, do so simply but firmly, and keep walking. Some drivers have had criminals mugging them while driving or in a short traffic stop so be cautious of pedestrians asking you for directions while you are in your car. Keep your doors locked and windows up.

If someone appears to be taking too great an interest in you, seems to be following you, or if you just feel nervous about anyone for any reason, don’t tell yourself it’s only your imagination ; TAKE ACTION. Change directions, cross the street, use the emergency phones if possible, and move toward a place of greater safety: people, stores, traffic, and lighted areas. Some of those tips will help you.

In St. Lucia criminals think they are smarter than you but trust me you are smarter so step up and rise. AVOID CRIME.

Let’s start a new conversation about crime in St. Lucia. Send us your views on the matter, either by answering the various questions posed in our introductory article or by giving us your own insights into the topic.
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  1. Growing up as a young kid television was an inspiration to all as the programs and news offered the opportunity of grow and expand one’s knowledge as educational and informative news and programs with little to no violent images seldom being depicted as the main source of news globally.
    Once the greedy mongers like corporations became aware of having a captive audience in viewers, they bribed and manipulated the networks into introducing a key determing factor called ratings. They now bribe these networks by manipulating these ratings through huge payouts in advertising fees by featuring commercials during intermissions of the T.V. programs.
    Now, the networks compete aggressively against each other for those monies by abandoning their fiduciary responsibilities to their audience by constantly supplying an overkill of news events that primarily focus on extreme violence taking place globally.
    These networks are consciously aware of the fact that humans are fascinated by violence. With these constant stream of violence the weapons production companies also saw the opportunity of spirally increasing their weapons sales and vegan pressuring their governments into introducing laws that allow almost any citizen the right to bear arms as a means of self protection. A perfect marriage between the three parties into manipulating the minds of their governments and all humans in every society.
    The resulting factor, there has been a huge increase in violent crime in most societies globally. And no one seem to care. Violence has become an accepted norm to us all. To further add salt to the wound the carriers of these weapons only have to prove from a totally subjective view point that they felt their life was being threatened and had no other recourse but to use deadly force. Who are the victims of this sick and twisted irresponsible laws that politicians enacted, the public. There can only be one outcome for tho type of human manipulation, as escalation in violent crimes, which we are presently living in and witnessing on a daily basis.

  2. Stop watching television and radio altogether and all the stresses go away.

    The Bible says: In the last days it shall be as the days of Noah, crime shall cover the whole earth.

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