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Rape Incidents on The Rise; How do we Deal With It?

THE continuous raping and destruction of our women and young girls has got to stop. Rape is the most destructive act of violence, or should I say inland terrorism. We need to come together to prevent this from happening.

For some of you not knowing what rape is; generally, rape is defined as sexual contact or penetration achieved without consent, or with use of physical force, coercion, deception, threat, and/or when the victim is: mentally incapacitated or impaired, physically impaired (due to voluntary or involuntary alcohol or drug consumption) asleep or unconscious.

Let us take a stand and protect ourselves by being more aware of our surroundings. Protect yourself and your family by being conscious of persons who might look suspicious. What can be done to stop rape? How can you protect yourself? Do you think clothing, hairstyle, and behaviour play a role in rape? I don’t. Can fighting back protect you? Remember rape is not about sex, it’s about power.

Rape is never your fault. It doesn’t matter how you dress, how you act, if you’ve had sex before, who your rapist is, what you said to them, how much you had to drink, where you were, or anything else: you getting raped is never your fault. It is the fault of your rapist. They made that decision. Don’t ever blame yourself.

Conversation about topic:

It’s not us to prevent rape it’s up to the rapists ,plain and simple.

I have one bit of advice for all women in St. Lucia wearing any kind of clothing or hairstyle , it DOES NOT make you a rape target. Don’t let anyone try to influence you that you should wear clothes or hairstyles other than exactly what you want to wear. it isn’t about the rapist getting sex when they can’t get it otherwise. It’s not about you looking too sexy or saying anything too kittenish. It’s about the rapist needing to be in control. They are all angry or they’re sad or they have some other issue such as a mental illness.

I totally agree with Richard, I have said this before and will always agree that what you were don’t make you a rape target.

Fighting back against your rapist will make them stop. This is a decision you will have to make for yourself, but fundamentally, if they don’t have a weapon, you should strongly ponder fighting back and running away. But if your rapist has a weapon then I don’t know what to say, If I was in a case of being raped and my rapist had a gun, I would fight back because sometimes we don’t know how to think
or feel at the moment, or maybe I’ll get a panic attack.

This is advice I give to my teenage nieces and their friends: you’re out at a party don’t accept drinks from anyone, but not just from strangers. It doesn’t matter if you know the person giving you the drink or if they look like a superstar, it doesn’t automatically make them safe. A rapist can be your own best friend, stranger or a family member. I also tell them to watch the bartender pour the drink, even if you’re paying or someone else is paying, because given any second someone can slip something in your drink.

I strongly subscribe to “deterrents”. If there are strong deterrents against crime, crime will decrease, believe me. People continue to commit crime because they know they will get away with it. And by “get away”, I’m talking about the jail terms we impose on people then send them up to Bordelais to be entertained with food and drink and leisure activities like TV. Do you honestly think this approach will deter any criminal?
Punishment for criminal acts including rape has got to be such that those think about committing it will thinking twice. Until we can arrive at a situation when we make it very uncomfortable for criminals we are wasting time talking.

There are countries in the Middle East that have found the answer to crimes like rape. The thing about civilized countries like Saint Lucia is that we spend just too much time doing nothing. Rape has got be properly punished for it to stop. What about castration?


  1. By members of the public demanding less violent shows shown through our medias, even if it means losing some finance from large corporations and replacing these shows with positive ones that attract the attention and interest of all, especially kids.
    Take for example. The creation of a new show where agriculturists teaches simple ways of planting and caring for crops that can be grown on a very small area, while teaching simple techniques on how to best care for these crops as a way to reduce cost and expenses while eating healthier. Other examples can include;
    those who specializes or impassioned in the planting of flowers; mothers sharing simple recepies; how to care for simple wounds to avoid infections or insect bites ; how to get rid of stagnant water;through local television shows and programs. Have kids involved in some ways. They will inspire others. Let those shows be taught by individuals willing to offer their free time and knowledge in those areas.
    These are simple ways and ideas that all members of our society can identify with, especially in an agricultural based society.
    That is how we make a difference while inspiring others and offering them possibilities of making better use of their idle time from which they and others can benefit through information sharing.
    Such ideas cost very little to no capital to launch from an investment standpoint yet is beneficial to most.

  2. Or suggest some of these very ideas to those corporations to fund such programs, while giving public acknowledgements to those corporations who choose to undertake these missions . Include boards or placards showing visibility support to these corporations in various sections of the island in return for contribution in wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of the residents of the island.
    These are simple yet very effective ways in which people of vision can make a difference and change our society for better.

  3. Such ideas can be great for viewing, enjoying calm and tranquility, especially on an early Sunday morning while still tucked in bed, enjoying an early morning breakfast or simply wanting to view some education experience that are identifiable with our lives.
    Food for thought.

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