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Do you think the Zika is given by only a mosquito and What you think about the Zika virus

AS we all read online Zika Virus is now an international public health emergency, prompted by growing distress that it could cause birth deficiencies. We have also learned that pregnant women have been advised against travelling to about two dozen countries, mostly in the Caribbean and Latin America, where the outbreak is growing.

Last week on Facebook we asked two questions, do you think that Zika is caused by only a mosquito, and what you think about the Zika virus? Below are our readers’ comments.

Has anyone heard about the terms “population control”? Oh Yes, I have, have you?.

Johnson :
I truly think this Zika thing is fake. Has anyone heard about Ebola recently? It was a huge problem last year. It can maybe be a lie spread by world leaders trying to scare us into fear and hoodwinking us into buying more things to prevent it. They are trying to control us.

Thank God Iive in Canada.

One night freaked out. I couldn’t handle the anxiety any longer, the pain was too intense, I left a note on my dad’s bedside table right next to his TV remote. I couldn’t sleep for days. It all got too much to bear no matter what I did I always felt the same. I couldn’t find the motivation to do anything with my jobless life, it wasn’t getting any better so I decided to give in and took a chair and a rope. As I stood on the chair, I heard a voice calling me, but something was clouding my sense of hearing. I continued to tie the rope and just when I was about to put it over my neck, my dad walked in. He screamed at me, why wouldn’t you just talk to me about this?” Dad didn’t understand my agony. Not only was it a jobless one but my mom had lung cancer and I gave up on everything called happiness. He held me tightly and that’s when I realized I have something to live for. It was the first time he had held me so tight since Mom was sick. I could have felt his tears dripping down my shoulders, then he said to me: “I’m not going to lose you too. I realized trying to commit suicide is a stupid act of egocentricity that one cannot always control . This was me, Majah I tired to kill myself? cause I didn’t believe in my life. This was me, my piece of selfishness.

Wow, I don’t even know what to type. All I have to say is your eyes opened at the right time.

Thank you. You helped me to help my friend; he was somewhat in this state not too long ago

So this is what’s bothering me. When my friend committed suicide, he left a note in his pocket. Why did you have to post your suicide note on your dad’s desk? If anything this looks like a cry for help, and I think if you were so certain you would die then you wouldn’t have to contemplate it again after leaving your note. This seems like very manic feelings and I think you need to realize that only you can make you happy. You can’t expect other people to notice your every move.

Saddest part-people respond after suicide attempts but yet they don’t care before.

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