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Why do people get upset?

Why do some people get angrier, more often than others? Why do people get upset?

Most people’s anger begins by a trigger event (like name calling, insults, etc) , and say things like “I got upset because he insulted me on my mother”, “I slapped him because he disrespected my wife”, “we began to fight because he made me mad”. Some of us know that can’t be true, but 86% of people will respond to a trigger event the same way.

People are more likely to experience anger when they are competitive, have low frustration tolerance and are also a narcissistics, these types of persons who think they are more important than others and get irritated with others as quickly as 1-2-3. When we are tired, already angry and or nervous, we are most likely to respond to a situation with anger.

Do you think people get angry when they appraise a situation as unjustified and blameworthy? We are not saying that anger is not a reasonable emotion to feel when you have not been treated fairly, but why do you allow your anger to rise to the extent that harm is involved? Why do you think that being upset with someone is always about you?

Do you think you will be punished by your anger? Or do you think you will be punished for your anger? When you feel angry with someone ask yourself three questions (a) why is this situation so upsetting to me? (b) what is my part in this? (c)what is this really about?

When someone upsets you to the bone, take a deep breath, and ask yourself what are we willing to earn? Or what are we willing to let go? Are we willing to spend some time behind bars, or are we willing to change a life. We cannot change what other persons say or do but you can change your reactions to them. A few weeks ago , in a certain part of St. Lucia two brothers were in a conflict, it turned out to be the worse and the police was involved. Someone should have not allowed what the other person had said or done to upset anyone of the two. Most times family members, co-workers, close friends, students in schools are those who get angrier than others. Never let the anger nerve grow so big to get out of hand.

Say thank you when someone pisses you off.

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