Fit4Life – The New Year Revolution

Prior research has shown that not getting enough sleep can impact your weight, but new BYU research finds the consistency of your bed time and wake time can also influence body fat. Exercise science professor Bruce Bailey studied more than 300 women from two major Western U.S. universities over the course of several weeks and found that those with the best sleeping habits had healthier weights.

The Journey of One

Image: Musician/poet Garner Raymond. [PHOTO: Garner Raymond]

SOFT-SPOKEN musician/poet Garner Raymond is among the growing flock of Saint Lucian artistes on the path to getting their voices heard on the global stage. With the likes of Patsy Cadet, Ronald “Boo” Hinkson, Taj Weekes and Teddyson John already opening musical doors internationally, Raymond believes his solitary journey in the music world is about to pay off huge dividends.

Towards an Afro – Caribbean Museum

Image: Seamstress Rosa Parks was stitching this dress when she was arrested in 1955 for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger. (Photo courtesy: National Geographic)

AT an upscale hotel in the Chilean capital Santiago, I came across a few Blacks. All were Chilean – and all were waiters, cooks or housemaids. I’d seen the same before in neighbouring Argentina and Colombia, so I wanted to talk about Blacks in South America with the young guy who silently poured my coffee with a wide smile every morning. But that was out of the question, as our tongues didn’t mesh.