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Parents To Get Assistance With CXC Dues

Prime Minister Anthony has said he plans to bring relief to poor parents who cannot afford to pay their children’s CXC fees. He says he wants to continue the work in education and that he promises the parents of this country…that no child should be disadvantaged from sitting CXC examinations, because the parents cannot pay CXC fees. He also stated that come next year 2017, This government (SLP) will bring the people of Saint Lucia relief on CXC fees…He quoted: “Poor people of St. Lucia will not have to pay for CXC fees”.

What are your views on the Prime Minister’s statement?

Raised Lucian:

You people seriously believe this guy, anything to stay in power; those politician’s are just saying those things to make people believe things will get better.


Because election is just around the corner that’s why all those things are happening.


I find this Prime Minister very disrespectful, like years past and now you want to help the poor by paying cxc fees. Laughing out loud, how stupid do you think we are.


I was thinking the same, his just using ones poverty for political achievement.


The government has no money to fix schools, no money to get the kids to school but you want to pay for CXC. The children spend almost their entire day in a school, and most of them are not comfortable and I’m supposed to sit there and listen to this crap. I don’t think I want to comment on any other government topics until I see something actually happening. This country is a distress.


I think he just admitted that he made us poorer in a smart way. Bring down the VAT, and fix the damn country, paying cxc will not help the youth. Let’s see what’s next.


Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It’s a good thing to me, helping out the less fortunate is a great way to encourage those youth to stay in school. Education is the key people, remember that.


All I have to say is that he must ensure that enough jobs are available for these children after they excel in cxc, because they won’t be able to meet the expense of college and university. So don’t jump too high with your red/yellow/green flags folks,


Either you accept it or decline.


Smells like an election year. I hope this isn’t just talk. This will be great for our less fortunate.


Our Prime Minister’s promise to assist with CXC fees is a great incentive for youth. They can now study confident that their efforts will not be wasted, and that they will be able to take exams. I would recommend that all should now be allowed to sit the exam in Math’s and English.  The importance of this opportunity will be appreciated either with gratitude or with regret in the years to come; when JOBS become an issue.

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