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Woman of the Week – Eve Felicien

Image: Eve Felicien
Eve Felicien

Today’s WOTW may be known as a “shrink” by profession but there is nothing small about her friendly and welcoming personality…then again, it’s her job as a psychiatrist to be that way.

Eve Felicien is a city girl at heart who was born and raised in Central Castries.

A wife and mother of two, she said she is a lover of her field of psychiatry for numerous reasons but mainly for the fact that she loves meeting new people.

Her job involves delving into the minds of different individuals which could be scary to some but not to this brave soul. She said: “As long as you love working with people, it’s nice to get a little peek into what’s going on in the heads. The head tells me who you are and who you are is always unique and special. So everybody that I meet and speak with, I get to meet a new and unique person…no two persons are alike.”

Speaking particularly about the difficult part of her job which entails working with troubled or depressed individuals, Felicien added: “The mind is what makes you, you. It makes you special, it makes you think, it gives you motivation but it can also kill you. Now I manage people’s thoughts so as long as I can help manage person’s thoughts then I know how to get them one step ahead so that they could become the real version of themselves and who they want to be in their lives.”

It is widely speculated that psychiatrists are difficult to analyse and are always mentally on guard, but Felicien said she has learnt to balance her work and personal lives off perfectly: “I know how and when to separate, when to be me and be just that lady who goes down to the beach and runs after her children. It becomes a part of you in everything that you do and how you go about living your life.”

Whilst she said her life is an open book and there is nothing that is not really known about her life, Felicien said she loves cooking and particularly baking. She also believes in having very strong family values.

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