Utility Regulators Named

THE Government has appointed a seven-member National Utilities Regulatory Commission for the water and electricity sectors.

At the end of 2015, the National Utilities Regulatory Commission Bill was debated and passed in both Houses of Parliament.

This Bill establishes the authority for the regulation of the water and electricity sectors by a multi-sector, independent regulatory body.

The National Utilities Regulatory Commission, or NURC as it is called, will be responsible for, among other things: (i) ensuring the economic regulation of utility supply services,

(ii) establishing, approving, monitoring and reviewing tariff schemes and tariffs,
(iii) monitoring and ensuring compliance with standards,
(iv) promoting the economic regulation of utility supply services,
(v) ensuring the protection of the interest of consumers in relation to the provisions of the utility supply service,
(vi) promoting competition and monitoring anti-competitive practices in the utility supply service, and
(vii) reporting to and advising the Minister with responsibility for public utilities on the economic, financial, legal, technical, environmental and social aspects of the utility supply services sector.

The National Utilities Regulatory Commission Act, No. 3 of 2016, makes provision for the appointment of between five and seven commissioners to oversee the operations of the NURC. Consequently, the following persons have been appointed by the Minister, effective yesterday to serve for periods ranging between three and five years on the first National Utilities Regulatory Commission:
• Mr. Victor Poyotte – Chairman
• Dr. Barbara Graham
• Mr. Desmond Destang
• Mr. Vern Gill
• Dr. Anderson Reynolds
• Mrs. Marie Monrose
• Mr. Michael Sewordor

The NURC replaces the National Water and Sewerage Commission, which previously was responsible for the regulation of the water sector.

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