Talking Marijuana Feb. 25

AS part of its ongoing effort to stimulate public discourse on topics of importance to the wider community, The UWI Open Campus presents “Legalise it? Towards a national policy on marijuana use in Saint Lucia”.

The event takes place on Thursday February 25 at 7:00 p.m. at the Open Campus Saint Lucia site on Morne Fortune.

Led by Herbalist and Integrative Health Specialist, Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose, the event will take the form of an interactive panel discussion on the critical need for a national policy to be put in place to guide marijuana use in St. Lucia.

Dr. St. Rose will be joined by Dr. Stephen King, Dr. Marcus Day and Dr. Lisa Charles, each with their own unique focus, but all desirous of seeing a rational/legally endorsed solution to the often highly emotional and ill-informed issue of marijuana use in St. Lucia.

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