P.M.: Jobless Rate Down

Image of Dr. Kenny Anthony

PRIME Minister, Kenny Anthony says the latest unemployment figures indicate that there is hope and opportunity for the youth of Saint Lucia.

During his address at the graduation ceremony of the National Skills Development Centre (NSDC) on Tuesday, the Prime Minister announced that data from the Department of Statistics revealed that unemployment has dropped to 20 percent, while youth unemployment fell by 10 percent to 34 percent.

Anthony said: “I am very pleased to note that the most recent data from the Statistics Department indicate that, last quarter, unemployment fell to about 20 percent, down from a high of 25 percent. That means that 5,000 more persons were employed in the fourth quarter of 2015 compared to the fourth quarter of 2014. And most importantly, there has been a significant drop in youth unemployment, persons between the ages 16 to 29. Among this category, unemployment is now down to about 34 percent from a high of 44 percent.

“This is great news”

Anthony attributed the increase in employment to greater foreign direct investment and other government led initiatives.

According to the Prime Minister: “There are opportunities opening up. New hotels are under construction and are opening up. New businesses are opening up. There are opportunities through the Cruise Ship Employment Programme.”

Anthony charged the NSDC graduates to be confident in their skills and abilities, but to always remember that a positive attitude and outlook will say more about their willingness and ability to work in any environment than the skills they have acquired.

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