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Image: Cutty Ranks grooms the children
Image: Cutty Ranks grooms the children
Cutty Ranks grooms the children

NAGICO St. Lucia was recently part of an initiative founded by the community outreach hygiene and grooming service project which was introduced by Mr. Cutty Ranks.

The main objective was to provide an adequate level of grooming assistance, best hygiene practices and awareness to those highly in need throughout the communities and school districts in St. Lucia.

Excitment filled the air when Mr. Ranks and his team embraced the students of the Gros Islet Infant School where several young boys had an opportunity to get their hair properly groomed.

NAGICO says it knows the importance of self awareness and self confidence which are vital for future growth of the new generation. “We are committed to ensuring that programmes like this are facilitated with the tools necessary to continue the great work that they have been doing’, the company said.

It added that this was just one of the many ways that NAGICO St. Lucia strives to impact St. Lucians from community to community. “NAGICO will be focusing on community development in 2016 and on being the company that has St. Lucia covered as we continue to be fast, fair and always there”, it added.

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