M.P. Mobilizes Vieux Fort North To Combat Zika

Minister of Agriculture Moses Jn. Baptiste
Minister of Agriculture Moses Jn. Baptiste
Minister of Agriculture Moses Jn. Baptiste

The Parliamentary Representative Moses Jn. Baptiste has initiated phase two of his plan to raise awareness about the Zika virus in the constituency that he represents.

As of yesterday, colourful flyers with information on Zika were being distributed in a house to house mobilization effort starting at Aupicon, Pierrot.

Over 1,400 flyers will be distributed over a three week period to all households in the areas of Savannes, Aupicon, Pierrot , Cacao, Vigier, Belle Vue, Zabo, Morne Cayenne ,Grace  and La Retriate. The first phase included an internet poster campaign which encouraged Facebook users to share information on Zika.

Groups and volunteers are being invited to help with the distribution of flyers and to educate the constituents of Vieux Fort North.

Clean-up activities are being encouraged within the constituency, in the next two weeks. All clubs and groups are being encouraged to mobilize using their own strategies to get rid of old tyres, cans, containers and other receptacles where mosquitoes breed , within their smaller communities.

According to Jn. Baptiste, while it may be impossible to stop the Zikavirus , it is  imperative to reduce the breeding places of mosquitoes in the constituency. The same mobilization efforts were done in Vieux Fort North when Chickungunya and Dengue impacted the country.

For Jn. Baptiste, education, mobilization and action are the most important tools for the fight to reduce Zika, which has been linked to serious illness and birth defects in babies. “we must not wait and react only if Zika visits us, we must all act “ according to Jn. Baptiste.

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  1. Kudos to my man of Vieux Fort north, Mosi Gn.Baptist. Any thing else from you would have disappointed me “Cuz”.

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