Gov’t Surprised By Juffali Ruling

THE St Lucia government says it is surprised by a ruling of a British judge questioning the legitimacy of the appointment of a Saudi Arabian billionaire facing a divorce suit in London as the island’s representative at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The decision of the Court this week, gave WalidJuffali’sex wife Christina Estrada the right to pursue her divorce suit against her former husband in the courts

In a statement yesterday, the Government of Saint Lucia re-affirmed its view that the United Kingdom (UK) court proceedings concerning the application by Estrada for permission to apply for financial relief from Juffali after their divorce is a private family matter between Dr.Juffali and his former wife, and had no bearing on his duties as Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

It added: “While the Government has said in the past that it is for the courts to decide if diplomatic immunity can be invoked in this matter, the Government is extremely surprised by Monday’s judgment, and specifically by Mr. Justice Hayden’s comments about Dr.Juffali’s status as Saint Lucia’s Representative to the IMO. As a sovereign state, it is Saint Lucia’s responsibility and sole right to decide who our diplomatic representatives are or should be.

“As we have stated before, Dr.Juffali’s appointment followed full due process. His accreditation as a diplomat was approved by the IMO and was immediately recognised and confirmed by the hosting nation – the UK. Neither the IMO, nor the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, raised any concerns about the appointment. Dr.Juffali was immediately added to the publicly-available Diplomatic List, thereby confirming his diplomatic status and entitlement to full diplomatic immunity

“The Government remains of the view that to have waived Dr.Juffali’s diplomatic immunity for the purposes of resolving property disputes arising out of divorce proceedings would have created a precedent that could compromise current and future Saint Lucian diplomats in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Indeed, if Justice Hayden’s judgment on diplomatic immunity is allowed to stand, it will have serious repercussions for the entire diplomatic community in the United Kingdom.

“The Government understands that Dr.Juffali will be appealing Monday’s judgment. We cannot therefore comment in more detail until we know the outcome of the appeal, but will do so in due course”.


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    The Government of Kenny Anthony is once again demonstrating the sophisticated level of intellectual prowess required in the international arena, especially when dealing with White Supremacist like a Justice Hayden, who is marooned somewhere in the 19th Century thinking Britannia Rules The Waves.

    Lucians should prepare, and set aside a day of celebration on the Square, when this bedraggled decision by this intoxicated Englishman Hayden is overturned and discarded into the sewers.

    Do you enjoy Horror Movies? Well here’s a new one, Starring Allen Chastanet faced with the identical circumstance – or is that a disaster flick??



  2. This is an absolute insult to the people of this country, by the colonial masters who you love more than yourselves. Where does these English homosexuals get off telling you Commoners your diplomats are second class, and diplomatic immunity doesn’t apply to your country, but is reserved for Americans and lemmes.

  3. This has nothing to do with colonial masters, Americans, homosexuality or any of your other dribble and everything to do with due diligence, corruption, privilege and money. The facts speak for themself. I’d suggest you do some reading before spreading you bovine excrement. No one gets a job they are not qualified for unless they have tie, money, undue influence or other dubious means.

    Not sure why the government is surprised by the ruling, the underhanded way in which this appointment was conducted speaks volumes

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    YOU SOUND LIKE SOME EMOTIONAL DISTURBED PERSON. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge about International relations, would know that the Country of St. Lucia is being treated differently than the countries who act as Masters of the Universe, making the statement made by TIME succinct – in fact, St. Lucia is being treated like a child, and except for Samboe Negroes like you and the likes of the Negroes looking for some bonney white woman with no color, like a Rick John Wayne, Clarence Thomas, and TOM TOM the negro from Monchy who died in the basement fire in NY, we are offended by this violation of international protocol by these blood-sucking English Slave Masters and Pirates.

    This bedraggled decision by this intoxicated Englishman Hayden is sure to be overturned and discarded into the sewers.

    Lucians should stop singing this disgraceful hymn, “GOD SAVE OUR GRACIOUS QUEEN”, and take the pictures of this wicked pirates down from their walls. This is what MUST happen in St. Lucia



  5. There aren’t many employers who’d give you a job and be happy for you not to show up and do it. No wonder the place is in a mess.

  6. Why are you guys beating around the bush with this. Call a Spade a Spade.
    This is Quid-pro-quo, you scratch my back and I scratch yours; you understand now?
    Some call it kokomaqak, I call it corruption in the highest level, that’s it. Enjoy $$$ it.

  7. I can’t be that naive to think that with this Saudi Billionaire Shaikh Juffal in the mix that there is no $$$$ in the mix. A new hospital wing? WHY NOT? A few millions in some off-shore account? NOW THERE’S THE HARD ONE. The only question is if I were in this identical circumstance, WHAT WOULD I DO? I really can’t say I would turn down a couple of million U.S. dollars tip for my service – let me think about it – DONE !! That was not as hard as I imagined.

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