Vendors to Document Missing or Damage Property

Image of Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac.

CASTRIES Street vendors affected by what appear to be a unilateral decision by Mayor Peterson Francis to remove, from their …

Rebate or Fare Increase – Southern minibus drivers divided

Image: Peter Richards, President of the Mon Repos Minibus Association (Route I), said he would opt for a rebate because it would be of much more benefit to them than an increase in bus fare. (PHOTO: Kingsley Emmanuel)

THE question as to whether minibus drivers should opt for a rebate rather than an increase in their bus fares …

Diabetes and Hypertension Association calls on St. Lucians to Walk Some More!

SAINT Lucia Thursday joined the rest of the World in observing World Hypertension Day. But more than just observing the …

NWU Wants Work Permit Council Restored

THE National Workers Union (NWU), one of St. Lucia most outspoken trade unions, has written to Labour Minister Stephenson King …

Government to spend $1 million to repair hospital roof at George Odlum stadium

Image of the relocated St. Jude Hospital at the George Odlum Stadium.

SENIOR Communications Officer (SCO) for the Government, Nicole Mc Donald, has been offering some answers to questions raised by opposition …

Vendors protest while Mayor and their President exchange barbs!

Image of Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac.

AN impasse between Castries vendors and the City’s administrators has spilled over into protest action and sharp exchanges between the …

Letters & Opinion

Foreign Policy lessons from the Resistance of the Rastafari

Image of Ronald Sanders

(The writer is the Antigua and Barbuda Ambassador to the United States and the Organization of American States. He is …

Time to Resign! Part 2

IN Part 1 we touched on the character of this current administration’s governance. Today, we look at what it has …

The Healthcare Debate

HEALTHCARE is too expensive – not in terms of dollars and cents only but in lives that could be lost …

Of Dis — and not Dat!

TODAY I deal exclusively with Dis. No Dats – for I am rather impressed with the energy and output of …

Dictatorship has replaced Democracy in Saint Lucia!

HAVE we in Saint Lucia exchanged our democracy for dictatorship since the general elections of June 2016? ‘Absolute Rule’, ‘Tyranny’, …

Open letter to the Medical & Dental Association

Image of The new Owen King - EU Hospital

DEAR SLMDA FOR those of us who didn’t know of your existence, the current noises about healthcare – St. Jude’s, …


Drowning in Soufriere

Victim Identified In Jeremie Street Homicide

Gunshots Leave One Person In Critical Condition

Suspected Suicide At Agard

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Racism Is Alive And Real

The Greatest Gift


Jenna-Anne Gaston – Who Said Big Isn’t Beautiful?


31 Receive Independence Awards

Vive La Marguerite!

Tropical Storm Matthew: A Storm In Pictures

All Women

Woman Of The Week – Cherry Ann Gaillard-Williams

Image of Cherry Ann Gaillard-Williams

Woman Of The Week – Kashina Anneville

Image of Kashina Anneville

Woman Of The Week – Diane Felicien

Image of Diane Felicien

Woman Of The Week – Janeka Simon

Image of Janeka Simon

Sounding Off

Me, Too!

HOLLYWOOD is quaking in their boots right now but, most importantly, as a result, so is the Western world and …