Protest March In Vieux Fort Sunday

THE Vieux Fort Concerned Citizens Coalition for Change (VFCCCC) is pleased to announce to residents of Vieux Fort and other …

CDP Changes Focus

THE Constituency Development Programme (CDP) will be moving in a new direction, one that would create long-lasting jobs for people …

Image of Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy

Governor General Brightens The House

All eyes and ears were tuned in to the opening of this year’s budget season as Governor General Dame Pearlette …

Image of St. Jude Hospital.

Partial Reopening of St. Jude Soon

A partial re-opening of St. Jude Hospital is expected soon. However, a date for its completion is still unknown. Economic …

OPPOSITION Leader, Phillip J. Pierre

SLP Flays Gov’t on SLNT Subvention Cut

THE Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) strongly condemns the action by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and his government in withdrawing …

Chamber’s Involvement In Budget Preps

ON April 13, the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture had an opportunity to present to the Prime …

Letters & Opinion

What Is A Road?

“DO you know that they plan to divert the road in Choiseul?” the doctor asked. I could have played ignorant …

The Bait Is Biting Back

Image of Rochelle Gonzales

EenieMeenieMiney Mo A Tiger’s been caught by the toe Now he’s hollering; “LET ME GO!” “Or else I’ll bite you …

Women As Political Leaders – Not A Gender Issue

Image of Eugenia Charles

MODERN history is showered with women as political leaders and Heads of Government. When women first emerged in these roles, …

Venezuela Violence Is Vain, Vile and Vindictive, ButWho’s To Blame?

Image: TAKE A GOOD LOOK: Venezuela TV showed several images of violent protesters in Caracas corralling and attacking Police and National Guardsmen assigned to keep the peace and protect government property and innocent citizens. Several of the dozens of attackers arrested confessed they were paid to cause trouble, while others were held with explosives.

APRIL 19, 2017 marked the 56th anniversary of the failed US-backed 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. But it …

Machiavellianism By Any Other Name

SINCE the Great Depression, economic policy has become conflated with deep-seated concerns about efficacy and practicality. For that reason, no …

The Weakness of Assaults on Second Citizenship

CITIZENSHIP by Investment Programmes (CIPs) are operated, in one form or another, by many countries, including the U.S., Canada, and …


Image: Community in peril after tragedy

Domestic Bloodshed Continues

Barre Denis Youth Stabbed By Friend

Ciceron Murder: Suspect Detained

Minister Isaac Condemns Cutlass Attack At Hospital

Most Commented ...

Racism Is Alive And Real

The Greatest Gift


Jenna-Anne Gaston – Who Said Big Isn’t Beautiful?


Vive La Marguerite!

Tropical Storm Matthew: A Storm In Pictures

Tropical Storm Matthew


Image: (L-R) The main card on the night features senior and junior boxer of the year, Lyndell Marcellin and Nathan Ferrarl (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

‘NUFF CUFF’ Begins Tonight

Image: (l-r) Marketing Manager at United Insurance, Josette Edgar, Dane Edward (captain, Sir Arthur Lewis Community College) Brandt Jean (Captain, Leon Hess Comprehensive) and Manager, Massy United Insurance, Faye Miller. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

Massy U-19 Cricket Finals Tomorrow

Image: The DSCG will host some of this year’s games. (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)

Saint Lucia To Host CPL Opener

Image: (L-R) Big Players and Ti Valley. (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)

Goals Galore In Guardsman U-13 Football

Strictly Business

eMagine That!

Image: eMagine Solutions Inc.’s Managing Director, Ian Mitchell. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

Destined for Growth

Image: David Alexander Growth (right) and his assistant, Jeanmal, with their sno cone cart in La Clery. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

The Bittersweet Business of Bees

Mark Remy at last month’s marketplace activity hosted by Bay Gardens Resorts. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

Celebrate Life With a Unique Card

Image: Tying the knot led to the entrepreneurs buying into the business of cards. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

Sounding Off

Image of Rochelle Gonzales

The Bait Is Biting Back

EenieMeenieMiney Mo A Tiger’s been caught by the toe Now he’s hollering; “LET ME GO!” “Or else I’ll bite you …