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Shanice Butcher, An Inspiration for Girls Everywhere 👸🏾

Shanice Butcher
Shanice Butcher

AFTER winning the National Carnival Queen Pageant earlier this year, Shanice Butcher has been in the spotlight consistently. Her story, one of courage and determination, is not only inspiring, but worth telling.

Butcher, (who has faced a number of challenges on and off stage) is utilizing her platform to do good and show young women (and people everywhere) that despite the hurdles they face, they can emerge victorious. And more importantly, this queen is also showing that one can craft their own story and take control of their own life-despite what others might say.

Shanice Butcher, visiting ‘New Beginnings’
Visiting ‘New Beginnings’

Shanice, who visited the New Beginnings Transit Home recently, is an “avid advocate for youth and other social causes,” a post from the government’s Facebook page stated on Thursday.

Emphasizing the need for second chances and using herself as a prime example, “the Carnival Queen sought to bring positivity and encouragement to the young women who frequent the New Beginnings Transit Home,” according to GOSL.

That visit turned out to be quite fruitful.

Shanice Butcher representing Saint Lucia at the ‘Jaycees’ Pageant
Representing Saint Lucia at the ‘Jaycees’ Pageant

“I was able to get a second chance… and take back control of my life. I just wanted to come today and allow them to see that their experiences in life should not define them and should not limit them,” Butcher said.

During her time in Antigua (where she participated in the Jaycee’s Pageant) Butcher put her best foot forward and ultimately walked away with two prizes in the regional pageant:  Miss Photogenic and Most True to Theme.

Butcher, an English teacher and an assistant netball coach at a local secondary school, “is a resilient and strong-minded 25-year-old with a deep passion for sports, education, and environmental activism,” ‘Jaycees’ noted.

Shanice Butcher Doing what she loves at a coastal clean up
Doing what she loves at a coastal clean up

This dual role, the organization said, has allowed Butcher to mentor and shape the minds of young athletes, empowering them to reach their full potential.

Butcher firmly believes that pageants are not solely about external beauty but also about inner strength, intelligence, and making a positive impact in the world.

“Her personal journey of overcoming adversity and trauma has made her resilient, determined, and compassionate,” ‘Jaycees’ said.

Butcher herself noted that five years ago, she endured public scrutiny “following a revenge scandal on the internet.”

This traumatic experience, she said, caused her to hide her true passion “and hindered me from reaching my full potential. However, I have made the decision to no longer let my past define me. I have regained my belief in myself and found the motivation to take back control of my life. I am determined to unlock my full potential and be an advocate for individuals who are unjustly labelled due to their past experiences rather than being recognized for the incredible person they truly are.”

According to ‘Jaycees’, by sharing her story, Butcher hopes to inspire others to conquer obstacles and pursue their dreams fearlessly. She plans to implement mentorship programmes, workshops and campaigns that provide individuals facing similar hurdles with the tools and support they need to succeed.

Almost six months after she was crowned, Butcher is doing just that – taking the bull by the horns, not allowing others to define her, and showing that any girl, anywhere can be a queen if she’s determined-and can look good simultaneously.

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