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Are we whipping dead horses?

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

Life remains a learning experience and despite the effort of educators and governments there are those who choose to ignore information.

Last weekend I visited some friends at their home and since it was close to midday, I told them I wanted to see a television programme I normally watch at that time every Sunday, on a local TV station.

But sadly, I was told that could not happen because they only use Netflix and they were not interested in local news or information.

I was further shocked that when it came to lunch time, one of the children chose not to come to the table, because her eating choice was not being served. She had become used to KFC and macaroni on her plate and did not want vegetables, or peas, or fruits or anything else that was on the table that day.

This made me wonder if she was not denying herself a balanced diet, by only eating what she liked or enjoyed.
Another kid spent two or more hours on his games on his phone and I was told he did not like the outdoors.

So, as per usual, I started to reflect: no news, no information on nothing at home or abroad, eating only what I like, no exercise or outdoor playing, and at that moment I asked myself if that lifestyle would not affect them in the long run.

So, if you are not informed, not appreciative of what is nutritious and disregard physical activity as being necessary, how many other families live that way too?

I thought that parental guidance was necessary to ensure values, and having a cultural background or understanding the physical needs of the body was paramount to education and a total necessity for growing up.

But it is not the first time I have been wrong, or believed wrongly, thinking that common sense would prevail in most households.

I slowly began to understand why some care not to work, or achieve anything specific in life, with no particular goals or ambitions, and choose only what pleases them, simply because no rules were enforced in the home, and freedom of choice was a modern day prerogative.

I wondered if even being schooled made a difference, or if not being connected to the real world will make a difference in their lives. This made me further think why education, or information of any kind, was necessary, if the ones it is geared to neglect to absorb it.

How does one learn the fundamentals of life, of growing up, or securing a tomorrow when their code of life remains to live fast and die young? When the breadwinner dies or perishes for some reason or another, how does life continue? When that generation becomes parents what will they pass on?  How will they, meaning this generation, remain fruitful and multiply and appreciate love of self, or for others, when so much harm is done to one’s self, especially at a tender age, because bad habits die hard and accepting that one’s methods or practices need to be adjusted or revalued, can be a bitter pill to swallow.

This also means because of the lack of information, all the programmes or opportunities offered to the youth will go without acknowledgement.

Are we whipping a dead horse, are all sensible efforts in vain, is living a game in life, or a carefree life the order of the day? In fact, I ask: is there any hope  at all, or is it just the times we live in, and nothing we do can change that fact of life, or that choice way of living?

Is the influence of the use of technological gadgets stronger than any type of teaching or are parents unaware of the consequences of their children adopting that lifestyle?

Is it about not demanding, or instructing that’s the cause of the problem? If yes, then we have settled for a robot generation with no fundamental understanding.

To top it up, I then went to the beach with the children learning to brave the waters or swim on their own whilst most of the grownups on the beach were getting drunk, partying and having a hell of a good time, with nobody paying attention to how rough the sea was or placing themselves as life guards, just in case.

I tell myself that there are a lot of loose screws around and despite my thoughts on the matter it will not get better soon.​

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