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Finance for Non-Financial Managers Training Programme: A Resounding Success

THE St Lucia Chamber of Commerce says it is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Finance for Non-Financial Managers training programme, held on February 27th and 28th. The two-day event, tailored for decision-makers without a finance background, has proven to be a transformative experience, equipping participants with essential financial skills for strategic decision-making.

The Finance for Non-Financial Managers training programme brought together a diverse group of professionals, including managers, supervisors, and decision-makers from various fields. The comprehensive curriculum covered key aspects of financial literacy, enabling participants to understand basic financial reports, interpret financial ratios, understand risk and return on investment, enhance communication with financial stakeholders, and comprehend the process and use of budgets.

Mrs. Joanne Cooper, a seasoned St. Lucian financial professional, expressed satisfaction with the engagement and enthusiasm of the participants. “It was a pleasure knowing we had helped persons feel better equipped to participate in financial discussions both at work and in their personal affairs.”

One participant, Ms. Carmy Joseph of Lucelec, shared her thoughts on the training. “I want to commend the Chamber for not only putting on this training but also on the caliber of the facilitators. We were given theoretical and practical exposure to the finance that non-finance managers like myself need to operate fully in our respective roles and businesses. Building capacity is always welcomed and can do so much to prepare managers to effectively discharge their responsibilities, especially for the Math challenged among us, like me!”

The Finance for Non-Financial Managers training programme has proven to be a valuable resource for decision-makers and team-leaders seeking to enhance their financial acumen. The post-event feedback from both facilitators and participants highlights the success of the programme in achieving its objectives. The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce remains committed to providing impactful training initiatives that contribute to the professional growth and success of its members and wider business community.

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