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Mindoo Phillip Park for Jazz Opener

Mindoo Phillip Park Friday night at the opening of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2023.

This year’s opening of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival is set to be staged at the Mindoo Phillip Park.

There were speculations that the MPP would be overlooked, however official sources have confirmed that the popular ‘jazz opener’ event will retain its favoured location, at Marchand, in the Castries East constituency.

Minister for Tourism and Creative Industries Dr. Ernest Hilaire stated that the lingering doubts bordered on uncertainty about the availability of the grounds, due to upgrades that are due to be undertaken at the facility in preparation for the ICC T20 Men’s Cricket World Cup.

Speaking to reporters, this week, Dr. Hilaire stated categorically that the opening of jazz will be held at the MPP, and is due on April 30.

“Last time we had not indicated where it would be, and we were in discussions as to the venue being upgraded and prepared for the ICC World Cup,” he said.

Hilaire said the authorities wanted to ensure that the venue would be available “both in terms of the work having been finished, and  ensuring that the handover is within a contracted period.”

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