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The 16th Annual Saint Lucia-Taiwan Partnership Trade Show Welcomes Kayèl Naturals

A Unique Caribbean Hair Care Brand

Vernette Eugene, Owner of Kayèl Naturals.
Vernette Eugene, Owner of Kayèl Naturals.

PRESS RELEASE — The highly anticipated 16th annual Saint Lucia-Taiwan Partnership Trade Show is ready to take center stage from November 3rd to 5th, 2023, at The Pavilion in Rodney Bay. Participants have invested weeks and months in preparations, brimming with enthusiasm to showcase their offerings. Notably, this year’s event features a standout participant: Kayèl Naturals, a hair care line that champions hair health through its plant-based, non-toxic products designed for curly, afro-textured hair.

A Journey Rooted in Saint Lucia, Crafted for the World

At the heart of Kayèl Naturals is Vernette Eugene, a Saint Lucian native now residing in Canada. Eugene is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s Convent and the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Carleton University and an MBA from York University, reflecting her commitment to continuous learning.

The creation of Kayèl Naturals is deeply personal and transformative. As Eugene explains, “The idea for Kayèl Naturals stemmed out of a deeply personal and transformational journey starting in 2016. Throughout my childhood and early adulthood, I was referred to as ‘the girl with long hair’. It became part of my identity.”

However, a traumatic period in her life led to damaged hair, eventually resulting in the bold decision to go natural and rediscover her identity and sense of beauty. This marked the beginning of a profound hair care journey.

Eugene’s exploration led her to embrace her natural hair texture, a challenging but empowering transition. She delved into understanding the science of hair, the significance of ingredients, and effective techniques. Her journey extended further to explore indigenous practices and ingredients used in black hair care and to uncover the stories of the women and men who developed them.

Kayèl Naturals Tropical Quench Collection.
Kayèl Naturals Tropical Quench Collection.

“As I experimented with ingredients and discovered formulations that worked for me and others in my community, the idea of Kayèl Naturals came to life,” she said.

Kayèl Naturals: A Sensory Journey to the Caribbean

Kayèl Naturals, born out of Eugene’s journey, has been on the market for three years. The name ‘Kayèl’ is a fusion of the Saint Lucian Kwéyòl (Creole) words ‘la-kay,’ signifying ‘home,’ and ‘ayèl,’ representing ‘ancestors.’ In full, ‘the home of my ancestors,’ a tagline that pays homage to both healthy hair origins and individual heritage. Above all, it celebrates the rich culture, heritage, and ancestral roots of Saint Lucia.

Every Kayèl Naturals product is plant-powered and follows a sustainable model Eugene describes as “soil to strand” or “farm to follicle.” This approach aims to create superior-quality products that foster healthy, nourished hair while supporting local producers.

A Promising Future with Kayèl Naturals

Vernette Eugene envisions bringing Kayèl Naturals to more individuals with curly, afro-textured hair across Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. Participating in the upcoming Saint Lucia-Taiwan Partnership Trade Show is a strategic step toward achieving this goal.

Kayèl Naturals Tropical Quench Collection.
Kayèl Naturals Tropical Quench Collection.

Eugene shared her enthusiasm for the trade show, stating, “I’ve always heard great things about the trade show and how popular it has become. When the opportunity presented itself, I thought it would be a great way to showcase my brand, network with other businesses, as well as find partners and brands to collaborate with, and be inspired by. I’m hoping to spread awareness about Kayèl and reach as many new customers as possible.”

Some of the most popular products in the Kayèl Naturals line include their Koko Paradise Leave-In Conditioner and Mango Passion Twist & Seal Butter. If you’re interested in trying these products or exploring their extensive range, head over to the trade show this weekend, send a message to Kayèl Naturals on Instagram or Facebook, or visit their website at www.kayelnaturals.com.

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