PM Pierre Pledges to deal with Crime in the Society

Prime Minister, Hon. Phillip J. Pierre addressing the nation
Prime Minister, Hon. Phillip J. Pierre

Prime Minister Phillip J Pierre has expressed strong condemnation and repulsion with the unprecedented state of criminal affairs in Saint Lucia, as the country looks to unleash a concerted and holistic ‘war on crime’ to eradicate the social malaise that has been plaguing communities over the years.

In its continued efforts to rid the country of this disorder, the Pierre Administration remains adamant in its quest to ‘take the fight to the criminals’.

A government source indicated that, undeterred by the level of crime affecting the country , PM Pierre ,  also responsible for National Security, is focused on pursuing workable policy interventions to help the Royal St Lucia Police Force extract criminal elements from the island’s peace –loving communities.

“Any murder is too much, and any murder is cause for concern and cause for alarm and cause to ring the alarm bells if something must be done,” PM Pierre declared, at the recent hand over of two additional vehicles to the Royal St Lucia Police Force [RSLP].

The prime minister said the crime situation is something that constantly nags his thoughts. However, he added: “But my words have to be measured, we have seen the consequences of (using) useless words and what has happened to Saint Lucia and the impact that it has had on us, up to this day.”

Citing the need for a more cohesive approach among the country’s major law enforcement agencies, to better tackle this escalating and worrisome crime issue, Pierre added: “The Police (officers) must work with the Customs (Department) and the Customs must allow the Police to work with them. We cannot work in silos, the customs must allow the police to work with them in the barrel business, so we can try to stem the guns that are coming through the barrel.”

Additionally, the prime minister continues to work assiduously with his team and complementary law enforcement agencies to improve the operational and tactical capacity of the RSLPF to enhance crime fighting strategies, promote intelligence driven policing and ensure law and order prevails in Saint Lucia.

PM asserted that, “Government is stronger than ever …because the government has the resolve, the government has the discipline and the government will put in resources to combatting crime in this country.”

Meanwhile, Acting Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius, issued a stern warning, on Monday, denouncing the criminal upsurge of gun violence in the country.

While expressing condolences to the families of victims affected by this incessant gun warfare, Descartes –Pelius declared:  “We will persevere. We will overcome. We need to preserve the sustainability of our country. We will take back our streets and make Saint Lucia safe for all, visitors and citizens.”

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