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Spiritual Intervention for Crime Prevention?

LAWLESSNESS. It is a plague that has swept the entire planet and our sweet little paradise under the sun is no exception. The news is littered with stories of ever increasing crime and violence and many fear there is little that can be done to curb the injurious trend.

Author of the book ‘Opening the Door’, Claude Peters proposes that there is indeed a cure and it lies within every human on the face of this earth if only we as a people would embrace a spiritual connection with a higher power. We have taken God out of the picture, he says, and as such, our thoughts and actions have become unruly. With the help of digital book publisher, Hailcloud Publishing, he shares a message of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Here is a brief look into the mind of the local author.

What is your view on the current crime situation in St Lucia? What do you think can be done to lower the statistics?

Claude: I believe that we as a country and as a people need to judge one another less and instead use that same energy to help and uplift one another. Focus needs to be placed on the youth and future generations. Breaking the cycle of hate and crime starts with giving them the love and attention that has been increasingly lacking as the years go by. We can only fight negativity by infusing this land with positivity.

What inspired you to write your book, ‘Opening the Door’?

Claude: We live in a time where what is seen is not real. Standards of beauty, success and more are illusions created by a few and imposed onto the unknowing masses. Therefore, most people wake up every day and put on a mask to deceive rather than pursue the most meaningful things in life, which are happiness and love. I was blessed with a gift to see past the illusions and thus, was compelled to write this book to help others ditch the mask so that they can live life freely and without this encumbering outlook.

Why do you think that embracing spirituality is the key to curtailing lawlessness?

Claude: Embracing spirituality is the key to unlocking a higher consciousness. The lawlessness that plagues St Lucia and the world is a sign of the lack of respect that so many have for life. Life is often taken like it means nothing. Being spiritual allows a person to recognize the value of his or her life and soul and that of every other man. Once a person has gained the recognition that life surpasses any monetary value, being lawless goes against that moral.

If a person does not believe in God as the Catholic faith portrays, do you believe this person can still find spiritual enlightenment?

Claude: Yes, I do. Spiritual enlightenment is not something that happens because of affiliation with any particular religion. What qualifies anyone for enlightenment is the quality of their soul and their actions toward themselves and other people.

Any last words?

Claude: The finger pointing and blame games need to stop. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone and so we need to make the most of today. Instead of judging, let’s be humble and seek the truth for the betterment of ourselves as individuals and our communities. Make each day count by gracing it with love, joy and peaceful communication.
‘Opening the Door’ is available in eBook format on Visit or the company’s Facebook page @HailcloudPublishing for more information.

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  1. When one talks of ‘Spirituality’ it is of the utmost importance that the term spirituality
    be defined because out there is an invisible world, populated with all kinds of spirits.
    It is believed that in the mix there are the good, the bad and the worse.To talk of spiritual
    enlightenment as I understand it to be, is to open one-self (the vacant soul) to the influence
    of any spirit. One has to be very careful of his environment, the things that influences him
    the things he believes in and most importantly, that or who he puts his faith in and worships.
    Many by habit attend church services, either as a social gathering, or to partake in some
    spiritual worship ( or best, by ritual performance) and not always to open to any special Deity.
    I grew up with a friend who boasted of his high standing as a Mason and others in some other
    brotherhood, a few who became Priests, and so on. Man always seek for mysteries to unlock
    the dark caverns in their mind – and their Soul – but their are pitfalls, so watch your step, tread
    softly.They say “fools rush in where Angels fear to tread”.Believe me, we are surrounded with
    Angelic beings – they are there – I know. It is important & even necessary what comes out of
    our mouths – even the very thoughts we entertain, notwithstanding the deeds that we do, but
    I will stop now and may perhaps return later. I have not read my brothers’ book but I have read
    much in my life time. Be good to yourselves & to each other, think good thoughts, thank your
    Maker in Heaven daily through His Son our Redeemer, breath in His Holy Spirit & give thanks.

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