Schools Netball Quarter Finals

Image: (L-R) MerkissaTheodule and JermiahEvariste. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

THE Ministry of Youth Development and sports school sports competitions continued in netball on Thursday with quarterfinal wins for Vieux Fort Comprehensive, Micoud Secondary, St. Joseph’s Convent and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

At the Vieux Fort Community Court, Vieux Fort Comprehensive led in all four quarters on to defeat Babonneau Secondary 52 – 14. For VFCSS Goal Shoot Dessie Nestor scored 12 from 22 attempts, Goal Attack Megan Nestor scored 40 from 76 attempts. For Babonneau – (GS) Kaila Thomas scored 5 from 10 attempts, (GA) Mildred Boyce scored 3 from 7 attempts and (GS N0. 1) Anicia St. Ville scored 6 from 14 attempts.

Image: (L-R) MerkissaTheodule and JermiahEvariste. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) MerkissaTheodule and JermiahEvariste. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

At the same venue, Micoud defeated Sir Ira Simmons 38 – 24. For Micoud, (GS) MerkissaTheodule scored 18 from 25 attempts; (GS No. 1) Mickege Rodolph scored 8 from 19 attempts and (GA) Kiana Nelson scored 12 from 22 attempts. For Sir Ira Simmons, (GS) Niomi Raymond scored 16 from 27 attempts and (GA) Juslene Joseph scored 8 from 20 attempts.

At the Beausejour Indoor Practice Facility, St. Joseph’s Convent defeated Corinth Secondary 34 – 20. For SJC, (GS) Ariel Leonard scored 29 from 43 attempts, (GA) Amelia Gill scored 2 from 3 attempts and (GS No.2) Brittney McDonald scored 3 from 12 attempts. For Corinth, (GS) Dasha Eugene scored 16 from 22 attempts and (GA) Joanie Remy scored 4 from 12 attempts.

Also at the BIPF, Sir Arthur Lewis Community College beat Choiseul Secondary 44 – 19. For Sir Arthur, (GS) Allana Paul scored 25 from 39 attempts, (GA) JermiahEvariste scored 6 from 10 attempts, (GS No. 1) Rochelle Etienne scored 9 from 10 attempts and (GA No. 2) Siana Jameson scored 4 from 6 attempts. For Choiseul, (GS) Gena Joseph scored 12 from 20 attempts, (GA) Marquisha Regis scored 3 from 8 attempts and (GS) Tiffany Jn Pierre scored 4 from 5 attempts.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports has indicated that the deadline for registration of student-athletes for the Annual Schools Road Race is Thursday. Due to the number of requests coming into the Department, and concerns raised about the commencement of end-of-term examinations, the Department has decided to reschedule the 3rd place playoff and finals of the under -15 and under -19 Basketball and Football tournaments towards the final week of school.

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