Western Union ‘Hit’ Again

Image of the rolled up cash expelled by Reyes

Man Wanted For Murder.

FOR the second time in two months a Western Union office here has been robbed of thousands of dollars. Now police are asking business owners to be on their guard.

The Western Union facility on Clarke Street, Vieux Fort was the first of the two facilities to be hit in October. The robbery took place in broad daylight. Two unmasked but armed men ambushed a company representative who had just returned from the bank with the company’s money.

The man was about to hand the money over to the office when the robbers intervened, escaping with $7000. They escaped on board a car firing several shots in the direction of the vehicle in which the representative was seated.

On Tuesday of this week a man, known to police by his features, entered the Western Union facility in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet and pointed a gun at employees while at the same time demanding cash. Police said he fled with $61,000.

Police are investigating several scenarios connected with this affair including the possibility of inside assistance.

Meanwhile On Tuesday the country experienced its sixth suicide. Dead is 26 year old, KesamManalick Anthony of Barre Denis, Castries. A post mortem revealed that he died as a result of asphyxia (a condition arising when the body is deprived of oxygen, causing unconsciousness or death) secondary to hanging.

This is the sixth registered suicide so far for the year.

Image of Benjamin Collymore
Benjamin Collymore

Up to press time yesterday police were in search of one Benjamin Collymore of Mongiraud, Gros Islet for the attempted murder of Uriah Farrel of Rodney Bay also of Gros Islet.

Farrel last month sustained a single gunshot wound to the waist area whilst hanging out not too far from where he resided.

According to police Collymore is armed and dangerous.

Meanwhile a Venezuelan with thousands of euros stashed inside him became the subject of an intense police investigation earlier this month.

Image of the rolled up cash expelled by Reyes
The rolled up cash expelled by Reyes

Police Wednesday revealed that Reglio Jesus Patino Reyes was arrested in a hotel room located in the north of the island. A search of the room revealed USD$7,610; 17,950 euros; 4,020 bolivars; six dollars in Chinese currency (CNY 6) and EC$5.00.

Reyes was taken to Victoria Hospital where he was given a laxative resulting in the expulsion of 31 rolls of cash equivalent to 14,000 euros.

The lawmen did not offer any information on Reyes’ physical condition before and after the laxative was given to him.

He was charged Tuesday for the offence of money laundering and made an appearance in the First District Court the next day. The matter has been adjourned to January 14.

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