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Image: Apostle Seon Moore. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

Organizer Says Show Will Go On.

Image of Sharmark Leon
Sharmark Leon

DESPITE strong opposition from a clergyman, this week’s Miss Gay Universe Pageant will go ahead as planned.

That’s the latest word from organizer, Sharmark Leon, who told The VOICE yesterday that despite the clergyman’s concerns about the moral implications of the event, he is not breaching anyone’s human rights nor breaking the law.

“I’m not a churchgoer, but I’m a Christian in my own right,” Leon said. “Besides, a lot of planning went into my show, so I’m not going to cancel my show because a pastor has a problem with it.”

The event is scheduled to take place at Golden Palm Events Centre on Friday evening and will feature contestants representing Saint Lucia, USA, Brazil, France, Jamaica, Canada and Egypt.

On Tuesday, Apostle Seon Moore, pastor of Nation Builders for Christ, located on Brazil and Broglie Streets, told The VOICE that he has received a direct command from God that the gay pageant should be cancelled. He said he has since passed on that information to Leon. The show, he said, “will not succeed”.

“I have cancelled it in the realm of the spirit because this event is giving a bad signal to a Christian nation,” Moore said. “We have our young men and women coming up. What message are we sending?”

Moore, who is originally from Barbados but has been living in Saint Lucia for a year now, said that while some people might consider the pageant “a normal event and allow it to go on”, there are serious consequences to consider.

“What will happen in the long run? What will come out of it that would be morally-correct and spiritually-correct? The Bible does not support such a behaviour and lifestyle. So we cannot as Christians allow it to just happen and become a national event,” Moore said.

Asked why he zeroed in on the pageant, Moore said that while there are other issues in the country that warrant the church’s intervention, the task at hand is to discuss the pageant. Failure to heed God’s law, he said, would be catastrophic.

“If they do not stop this event on Friday, then God’s wrath is going to come upon those who are supporting it,” Moore said. “When we promote this as a society, we’re going against the very fabric of what we believe as a people.”

Image: Apostle Seon Moore. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
Apostle Seon Moore. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
Quoting Romans 1:25, Moore said that as an ambassador for Christ, he will not sit idly while the laws of God continue to be breached. He said that upon finding out about the show for the first time last Saturday, he was opposed to it being hosted for fear it becoming a key staple here.

“We’re not marginalizing anyone or being inhumane in saying that they’re not supposed to live their lifestyle,” Moore said. “However, don’t make it a Miss Gay Universe Pageant because it’s going to become a yearly event and something bigger.”

Asked why he was keen on opposing a privately-organized event not unlike what has become the norm in other free societies, Moore said that while many churches fear undergoing persecution for what they stand for, he stands apart.

“People today are not willing to die for the cause of Christ,” Moore said. “I’m willing to give my life for what I believe in. That’s what separates me from a lot of pastors.”

Nevertheless, Leon believes that despite the criticisms being levelled at his event, he reserves the right to organize his show. He said that after being contacted by Moore recently, he respectfully explained that his pageant is targeting a specific audience.

“Those who have a problem with my show need to speak out on the rapes and violence occurring in our country,” Leon said. “My show has its sponsors and supporters and that’s fine with me.”

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  1. Are we living in a christian nation?

    This is not the first time that such a show is taking place in St. Lucia.
    The christian church is an organization.
    Islam is a Organization.
    Every gathering of people with the same belief/faith in a spiritual-superpowers, be it the creator Gog/Allah,Satan Angles, or what have you. Organize them self into one bunch call the institution, the Christian-church, Mosque etc. etc.
    The Christians give their organization many names to distinguish them self one from the other such as.: Roman Catholic,,Baptiste, Church of God, Seven days Adventist, Later-Days-Saints,. Pentecostal etc.
    The bullers and lesbians call their Organization : Gays, puff, United And Strong, pup-players, Mal-Mama, etc. But they all have the same faith in one God/Allah. Satan Angles. etc.
    The very same God created all of them for his purpose.
    In the bible in Romans
    Hear what Paul have to say about God and his Created Creatures,:
    Why does he(God) yet fine fault?
    For who hath resisted his will
    nay but, o man,
    who art thou that replies against God?
    shall the thing formed say to him
    that form it.
    Why hast thou made me thus?
    Hath not the potter power over the clay,
    of the same lump to make one vessel
    unto honor, and another unto dishonor.
    What if God willing to show his wrath,
    and to make his power known.
    endured with much long suffering
    the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction
    And that he might make known
    the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy.
    Which he had afore prepared unto glory.. end of quote.
    So who are we to condemn when many of us have bulling tendency.
    This is no laughing matter. those so-call pastors them self are hiding behind a sanctimonious smoke screen pretending to be so save so holy but at the same time prickkkkk657s are dirty with little-boys/men shit.
    This so-call apostle Moore says he is from St. James in Barbados but living like a pimp in this country for over a year. (THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH SUPPOSE TO BE THE BRIDE OF CHRIST? SO THE PASTORS ARE PIMPING THE BRIDE BY MAKING THEM PAY TITHE )
    He have better things he should talk about like the :
    raping/murder, at Carnival on the streets, the unabashed displayed of the human parts that should be preserve for their spouse’s pleasure but scantily disgracing the T V screen for old and young to view.



    1. u see what i hate is the hprocrisy of them pastors. pastor check the ppl in the church before u check other ppl..only God can judge u think u alone can change this bear fuckery…mr.pastor leave the ppl alone. you jus believe u are perfect guess one isnt and hear this again u frn barbados a place full of bullers.i would like to go to the different institutions and pray for the sick and disturbed ppl. there are so many things u need to do and u not doing it….and by the way i am a female and i am straight i jus hate when ppl are bashing gay ppl….

  2. Moore !!!!
    You are out of place for trying to interfere with the people’s show. the gays don’t mess with your choice of sexuality why try to prevent them from having their fun?
    Moore you say that God gave you a direct command? and that you have cancelled the gay’s pageant in the spiritual realm. Well if the Gay spirits want you and allowed you to fuc********k78.9 with their show that is them. But the gays in the earthly realm don’t want you among them. OK
    I can bet my last dollar that the show will be a success.
    Moore why don’t you stay in your corner in Barbados and try to prevent the everyday every month every night gay-pageant that is taking place their.
    If you believe that those gays in St. Lucia backs are easy to mount think again.
    Moore you quote Romans 1;25, this is misleading and this verse has nothing to do with the gentile of today because gentiles believers.worships the living creator and the same Jesus as you.
    Moore you should start from Romans 1: 1-25. this should make a better understanding of what Paul are saying. And look the writer of the book of the Romans is unknown (some scholars say it is Paul other bible scholars say no )
    the country with the biggest Gay population is your so-call Holy-land.
    Romans 3:9-20. the whole world are guilty before God. will you Moore admit.
    Or you and the straight are save?
    Moore the results of salvation is by faith. (according to the bible)
    I am a strong believer in human-right. this is the right of the bullers/gay /lesbians/puff/ whatever.
    NOTE: Moore your bible says :regardless how Israel “SIN” without REPENTANCE THEY SHALL BE SAVE. BECA– USE THAT IS GOD’S COVENANT WITH THEM?
    This include bullers Gay/lesbians/puff etc.

    Moore tell me if on Sunday (that is if you having service on that day or on any day of your church service) the gays visit and bless your church with all the moneys they made from the tickets/bar etc. after the show. will you tell them no thank you Mr. buller-man?

  3. Prophet Dr. Optical you claim to be a Christian, then tell me what bible you are reading and what parts of the scriptures you use in practicing your religious beliefs Some of us are such a shame and disgrace to the creator that we believe that we are smarter than him. We will happily and intentionally continue to sin and claim we believe. Part of the scripture clearly states that one cannot serve two masters. One either chooses a sinful life or a spiritual life. What even angers me more is than many sick and twisted people with son form of education, having their own personal and selfish agenda feel they have a right to impose their sick ideas upon the majority of the masses. When was there a decree that states that a few minority by choice in many cases, have the right to infringe upon the right of most? I happen to have a right that my ancestors sacrificed their lives to ensure I was given that right. Now you want me to stand idle when you begin to take a course of action that would once again strip me of that right. You weak, sick and twisted demons are only coming out of the closet because America said it was okay to do so. So if America says it is okay to kill someone and you won’t be held accountable, would gladly join? Remember, what goes around comes around. If you claim that you believe, you have to understand one day you will be held accountable for our actions and behavior. When that happens I want you to look God in the eyes and tell him you had a right to do as you see fit and he has no right from stop you entering Heaven.

  4. I happen to live in America and oppose many of its ideas. Once I make that statement I will also use the cliche answer that most of you have. If you hate America they much then why don’t you go back to St Lucia. Because I never said any country was perfect but the one I choose to live in that grant me the right of freedom and free speech, I will use that right to ensure a better quality of life for most, including myself . If thinking in that manner makes me “ignorant” , then I will stay ignorant. God was introduced to me at an early age and the teachings of the bible was practiced and upheld by most in St. Lucia. That was the time when the nation was happy and our crime rates we low. Strangers enjoyed visiting our island because they felt safe. No we have introduced the sick ideas of foreign nations and have abandoned the bible, we fell dizzy trying to figure out what went wrong. We have since lost our sense of self respect, common courtesy, sensitivity, caring for others, speaking respectfully, especially in the presence of youth…on and on. Tell me you care when you seek to destroy while trying to make me believe it is your right. Then it becomes my right to stop you.

  5. Black People became Slaves and Christians at the same time……..Let that marinate for a bit and tell me what you think.

  6. LUCIAN !!, Where in my blog i have said that i am a christian?
    i am a strong defender of human’s right.
    i was quoting from your King James version.
    LUCIAN, CAN YOU PLEASE TELL me which one of those version of the bible is the closes to the “ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS”
    R S V 52
    R S V 71.
    LUCIAN many times i have quoted the Koran used the word ALLAH THOSE that make me a MUSLIM?
    LUCIAN i am an open minded person.
    i will never be a slave to religion dogmas.
    LUCIAN i could see you knows sweet nothing about your own bible?
    I SEE AND OVERSTAND YOUR LOVE for the king James version, GOOD FOR YOU. this was the brain-washing version those white pirates used as a device to shackle my forefathers.
    i will never allow myself to be enveloped and entangled with unmentionable illusions with the web of imbecility of religion bull.
    Man forever living in anxiety and perplexity
    enslave and entangle
    in web of dominating spirits
    embedded in their conscious,
    indoctrinated by parents and religion
    and so become afraid of death.
    making his task become physical and spiritual
    a forever tug of war.

    God verses devil
    life verses death
    a confusion of sanity and insanity
    This is an un-contradict-able,
    Awestricken and gruesome image
    of our daily living situation.


    The gays want nothing from you all so don’t try to come into their Conner.
    It is a shame and a bloody disgrace when some people are trying to impose their religion believe on others. . .

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