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P.M.’s Address Disheartening


THE PM’s address to the nation was a major disappointment despite the fact that our preliminary expectations were neither particularly positive nor encouraging.

How could any PM be so brazen to present such an address in the first half of a new year after such dismal accomplishments during 2014? The recapping of all the individuals who passed away was a side of the coin which the media dealt with and if I may say, provided us with a better coverage than our PM attempted.

Highlighting the unfortunate slide on the ease of doing business in St. Lucia was glossed over by failing to provide any concrete reasons and proposals to rectify the situation when a simple glance at his various Ministries would quickly reveal how difficult it is to obtain inspectors from the Ministry of Infrastructure to address and expedite, amongst other things, the great delay of attaining electrical certifications and driving licences.

St. Lucians were fully aware of the infamous extra judicial killings report which lay around the PM’s office for some time but apparently withheld from the public. What was the real reason? Why was the report not released earlier when such important issues were at stake? Or did the report contain information which (was) is likely to embarrass some worthy or unworthy individuals?

The burning issues of unemployment and lack of development were not addressed and one would have thought that after three years in office and election fever already in the air, a more definitive plan of action may have arisen. We now wonder whether Mr. La Bourne’s observations re the construction of bridges over troubled waters appeared to be the main area our PM was able to highlight. The PM’s response to the outrageous fuel prices was inadequately addressed as he short circuited the response by providing the public with a worrisome CIF value. The public are demanding a verifiable CIF value, not the one presented by government.

It is often said that telling one lie requires a number of other lies and at the end the truth prevails, so hopefully, this will not be the case. Mr. PM, please solicit a form of redemption for an address to the nation which left more questions than answers. Finally, the public is yet to be to be informed of a meeting which includes Hon. Stephenson King before an official response is received from the Leader of the Opposition, Hon Gale Rigobert. It therefore seems that the appointments of Honourable Stephenson King and Dr. Stephen King as Chairman and Secretary to yet another committee are individuals likely to be another scapegoat added to the ongoing list?

Signed: L. Ellis


  1. It would have been so much better for St.Lucia, and the SLP, had this administration, from the very beginning, embraced the principles of: a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
    Instead, the prime minister arrogantly embraced the principles of: a government of Kenny Anthony, by Kenny Anthony, and for Kenny Anthony. Virtues of a dictator.

    Please!!! My fellow St.Lucians; don’t return this man to office.

  2. Kenny had to prove himself to his father, who, to all intents and purposes apparently disliked the conception. And since then, all of Saint Lucia, from secondary school daze, through Teachers Training College, through to hoodwinking George Oldum to make him wet-behind-the -ears senator, is caught in his web and trap of just being mere pawns and actors in his various mind games. That is so very sick, psychologically speaking. But this comes at a very steep price to all of us.

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