Nurses in Barbados Take to the Streets in Protest

On Thursday, a large number of nurses protested through the city of Bridgetown in an effort to press the Government to address their long-standing grievances.

In a march that began at Cheapside and ended at Freedom Park, the nurses led by Unity Workers Union leader Caswell Franklyn loudly chanted, “All I want to say is that they don’t care about us”.

Barbados nurses protest in City

According to Franklyn, they were restricted by the COVID unit and the amount of people that was permitted, however, they tried very hard to ensure that none of the protocols were breached.

He asserted that the protest was not a political march but nurses crying out for what they have been fighting for.

A number of concerns regarding nurses are being raised with the government, including the need for better working conditions, paid vacation, health insurance, and improved nurses-to-patient ratios.

*photo: video screen shot from Barbados Today Facebook

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