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Minister of Health pleads for responsibility amid announcement of January Protocols

The Ministry of Health has noted an increase in COVID-19 cases and continues to prepare for the possible presence of Omicron Variant in country. After much discussion and consultation between the Ministry of Health, COVID-19 Management Centre and Cabinet of Ministers a decision on the COVID-19 protocols for the month of January was made.

According to a statement from the Department of Health, Cabinet has decided on the following protocols for the period Friday January 7, 2022 to Friday February 4, 2022. Confinement to residence during the week from Mondays to Thursdays will commence at 10 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays confinement will commence at 9 pm and on Sundays confinement will be at 6 pm. Educational institutions will continue to operate on a face to face basis and follow the COVID- 19 protocols. The Ministry of Education will continue to provide more information to the public. Additionally as of Monday January 10, 2022 public omnibuses should not be loaded with more than 10 passengers.

The public was again reminded that mass crowd events, competitive or high contact sporting activity, including indoor and outdoor training and local competitions, are not allowed at this time, however; a person can host or attend a social event or recreational activity that does not exceed 35 persons of his or her immediate family at his or her residence.

1. In accordance with the Criminal Code Cap, 3.01 no loud music will be permitted at a social event
or recreational activity.

2. A faith-based organization may hold a special religious ceremony including baptisms, weddings, and funerals only if there are no more than 100 people in attendance and providing also that physical distancing guidelines are strictly observed.

3. Beach picnics, river parties and other public celebrations will not be allowed.

These adjustments to the current protocols will be in place up to February 4, 2022.

Minister of Health, Welness and Elderly Affairs, Hon. Mose Jnbaptiste informed the nation that “all of this can come to naught if we choose to act irresponsibly and, in the process, hurt even those who are trying their best to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

“These measures,” he said, by themselves will not help us if we do not act with an urgent sense of purpose. We are being called once again to act as one country and as one loving family in the best interest of ourselves and our families. The Government of Saint Lucia asks for the cooperation of everyone, in following the COVID-19 protocols and working together to fight this COVID-19 pandemic. Get vaccinated, encourage family and friends to be vaccinated and be a leader in your communities in the efforts of our health officials to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

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