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Leader of the SKNLP calls for Immediate Resignation of Hon. Lindsay Grant

PRESS RELEASE — The Leader of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, Dr. Terrance Drew, calls for the immediate resignation of the Hon. Lindsay Grant, Minister of Tourism, Transport and Posts, following the shocking video that is being circulated on social media depicting Minister Grant viciously disrespecting and assaulting compliance officers of the NEOC Task Force (who were in full police uniform) and openly refusing to comply with the COVID-19 Protocols approved by Federal Cabinet of which he is a part of.  In the video (captured on someone’s mobile phone), Minister Grant is seen at a nightspot without wearing a mask, verbally and physically accosting an officer who was insisting that patrons sign their name to register for contact tracing.

Dr. Terrance Drew

The SKNLP finds the actions of the sitting Minister of Government and member of Cabinet to be simply appalling, particularly within the present context of a steep spike in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks.

Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris must enforce discipline within his cabinet for this unforgivable breach of the law and the trust and confidence of the people who Minister Grant is called to serve and obey.

This latest incident is one in a growing list of breaches that have been perpetrated by the Minister of Tourism and his resignation has been long overdue. Previous incidents include Minister Grant having been found liable for “Breach of Trust”, “Breach of their Fiduciary Duty” and “Misappropriation of Monies” in the amount of “US$460,000.00” or EC$1.2 million, and him being caught in another viral video making a deal with a campaign investor offering large amounts of public land in exchange for campaign funds and giving instructions for the funds to be deposited on his offshore accounts.

Mr. Grant must be held to the standard enforced globally, as found in the cases of former Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Floyd Green of Jamaica, former Minister of Health, Matt Hancock of the UK and Ministers Zane DeSilva and Wayne Caines of Bermuda who were all forced to resign on the invitation of their Prime Ministers for similar breaches of COVID-19 rules in those countries.

“No member of the public has been spared the reach of the law, most certainly not our taxi drivers, entertainers and the many single mothers who have been put out of work or fired from their jobs for choosing not to take the vaccine.  Mr. Grant must be held accountable for these clear violations that go far beyond anything any member of the public has dared to attempt this far. He must be made an example of,” Dr. Drew concluded.

The SKNLP stands in full support of the police officers and applauds them for their heroic professionalism in applying the law without fear or favour.

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