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SLDHA Gets EC$8000 from Massy Stores to Fight Diabetes

The Saint Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association (SLDHA) Wednesday accepted an EC$8000 cheque from Massy Stores to continue its ongoing programmes for World Diabetes Day, which is tomorrow, and for the rest of the month which is called Diabetes Awareness Month.

That money will also go towards assisting the Association in educating Saint Lucians about diabetes and providing them with much needed supplies.

(L-R) Massy Stores Marketing and Cooperate Communication Officer, Kittel Rafael – Dubois, President SLDHA, Sylvester Phillip and Patron Dr. Takira Glasgow at Wednesday presentation (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Massy Stores Marketing and Cooperate Communication Officer, Kittel Rafael – Dubois, President SLDHA, Sylvester Phillip and Patron Dr. Takira Glasgow at Wednesday presentation (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

The cheque handing ceremony which took place at Massy Stores William Peter Boulevard marked the continuation of a partnership between the two entities which have withstood the test of time, one which Massy’s Corporate, Marketing and Communication Officer, Kittel Rafael – Dubois said was a cherished partnership.

“Every year we throw our full support behind the SLDHA’s plans for Diabetes Awareness Month and this year we are upping our game.” she noted.

According to Dubois, “Traditionally our awareness drive and fund raising have been at our Supermarkets,” however, “this year we have extended this to our Home Stores and for this reason we are presenting our cheque to the Association at our newest location right here in the William Peter Boulevard in Castries.”

She added, “Many are living with Diabetes in Saint Lucia and our partners at the SLDHA are concerned about the welfare of those who are unable to access care for various reasons. This $8000.00 cheque is intended to help create packages containing much needed diabetes resources for 60 such individuals. We are confident that our customers contribute to diabetes month via our cash register and the blue boxes at our stores, the Association will be able to do more and get more packages to those who need it.”

In his brief remarks, SLDHA President Sylvester Phillip said, “The reason why I am here, is to say how pleased I am with Massy Stores Saint Lucia who have continued to partner with us, the SLDHA, in our quest to bring access to health care to the number of individuals in Saint Lucia suffering with diabetes and the number is very large in both adults and children.”

He added, “We appreciate that partnership and we are happy today, on behalf of Massy Stores Saint Lucia, Ms Dubois is here to present to us that sizable cheque of $8000.00 to assist us in providing care to our many diabetic patients in Saint Lucia.”

Receiving the cheque on behalf of the SLDHA was Patron / Dr. Takira Glasgow. She thanked Massy Stores for the donation saying it was timely seeing that Saint Lucia has seen 264 deaths due to Covid-19 and a number of these persons had pre existing conditions such as diabetes.

“The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates the problems of diabetes in adults in Saint Lucia is 11.5% which is close to 15,000 persons. This donation will be used to provide glucose meters and strips, vitamins and other essentials to persons with diabetes especially those in need,” Glasgow said.

She added, “Persons with diabetes must also have the tools for self monitoring especially with the increased social isolation brought about by Covid-19. The home confinement have acted  motivation to exercise brought about rationing of medications, depression from being unable to see sick relatives or attend their funerals, and financial constraints from job losses.”

She said, “Access to glucose meters training of persons with diabetes to self monitor, save lives in the short term to prevent Hypoglycaemic coma. You can also imagine that an illness such as Covid -19 when there is blood sugars uncontrolled, and there is weight loss which requires an urgent attention of insulin of blood glucose medication, so in the long term self monitoring also reduces complications of diabetes which includes cardiovascular events such as heart attacks, and strokes, but most importantly persons with diabetes will gain control of the disease and confidence in self management, so we do not under estimate the contribution made here today that a pride in this particular manner will be life saving.”

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