Emlynn Francis’ “Well-Watered”: A Fulfilling Drink

By Guy Ellis

ACCORDING to Emlynn Francis, her life’s passion and purpose is to motivate, empower and inspire.

A smiling Emlynn Francis showing off her book.
Emlynn Francis

These goals are alive in her debut performance as an author of the recently-launched book ‘Well-watered’. It is not your run-of-the mill book; neither are the life’s stories that she tells with such fervour.

The book is written in simple language for assimilation by the reader. The 27 chapters are short and stories are told with a clarity and frankness uncommon among writers telling personal stories. There are no pretensions by this author.

‘Well-watered’ is the author’s authentic expression of love and connection with her mom and humble upbringing. The author’s candid personal reflections and stories accentuate growth and resilience amidst grief and other significant life changes. It suggests that tears are not to be abhorred, as it is the beginning of the shedding of the pain within, yet the precursor to bountiful rain.

“As I scrolled on delightfully viewing the ‘craftwomanship’, I could sense the love with which Emlynn laboured to produce this masterpiece. ‘Well-Watered’ reflected a duality of meaning…the copious tears…shed at the loss of her mother (and)…the abundance of nourishment … the experience has steeped her in to deal with life’s challenges which may be lurking behind the curtain. Emlynn’s book is an exemplification of the Tibetan saying, Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.” (Gyanchand Raymond, award winning author).

‘Well-watered’ is certainly something new. It’s not just a literary work telling part of someone’s life story. It is also a guide to coping with the psychological and emotional pressures that most of us are likely to encounter along the way.

Two copies of "Well-watered", a novel by Emlynn Francis

In this autobiographically inspirational book, the reader will also find:
• SPOONFULS of affirmations, highlighting the loving language that comprises healthy self-talk.
• Reflections on how to own their story and grow through it.
• Analogies emphasizing resilience and self-care, leaving the reader refreshed and empowered.

Everyone who has felt dry throated or empty can be filled again through the pages of ‘Well-Watered’.

‘Well-watered’ is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle version, and can also be accessed locally from the author via Facebook and Instagram (@emlynnfrancis) or email at

Emlynn Francis hails from beautiful Choiseul, a village renowned for the warmth of its people, farming and fishing trade, art work and mastery of the French Creole dialect. She is a trained high school teacher of modern languages and an alumnus of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica, where she studied Spanish, French and International Relations. In her free time, she loves to spend time in nature, travel and write. “I have always had a love for the creative writing process; it serves as therapy, fun, self-expression, an escape,” Emlynn says in response to questions about the motivation for the book. She hopes that her story can inspire others.

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