Caribbean Ties Exhibition Review

Following a successful five-week host of the Caribbean Ties Exhibition, 1st August to 8th September 2021, a meeting committed to the review of the event  praised the organizing committee for a job well done.  The Joint Chairman HTC/ SAHS also thanked all members and the private and public sector in enabling the success.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Saint Lucia Archaeological Historical Society, Holy Trinity Church, National Trust, UWI Open Campus, Saint Lucia National Archives, Folk Research Centre, Cultural Development Foundation.

The Review Meeting, Chaired by Monsignor Phd. Patrick Anthony was held 14th September virtually and on the physical location of the Anglican Holy Trinity Church, noted the collaborative interest to pursue the following

1. Promotion of the development concept of National Museum; if not a temporary Museum in view of the delay in keeping the Leiden University exhibits in Saint Lucia for a longer period of time.  The SAHS is expected to announce on this matter following assessment of logistics and cost feasibility.

2. The keen advocacy for the review and adoption of relevant Legislation, Policy and Programming towards Institutional Capacity building, in view of Governments recent public policy pronouncements on heritage and culture. It was announced that work has started by the Saint Lucia National Trust, as well as the SAHS.

3. Heritage work is expected to be pursued during October Heritage Month for joint collaboration with FRC and other agencies including the Cultural development Foundation.

The Caribbean Ties Exhibition was spearheaded by Leiden University and undertaken in collaboration with the Holy Trinity Anglican Church and the Saint Lucia Archaeological and Historical Society, while several agencies in the private sector, the Government of Saint Lucia and the Ministry of Tourism collaborated in enabling the success of the Exhibition.

The exhibition benefitted from hundreds  of patrons/visitors, comprising  students from summer school camps and several patrons including a few dignitaries including the past Presidents of the SAHS, Prime Minister, Phillip J Pierre, Minister for Commerce, the past and present Mayors of the City of Castries and persons generally interested in the historical affairs, some alumni who benefitted from their early tertiary  education at the Anglican school Annex – a venue for Sir Arthur Lewis early education.

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