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24-Hour Curfew Tomorrow — Saint Lucians Called On To Vaccinate And Help Fight COVID-19 SPREAD

WITH hundreds of positive cases of the coronavirus being recorded here every week, the Government of Saint Lucia, under a mild form of pressure from Saint Lucians to come up with stricter protocols to contain certain behaviours of a section of the populace, has announced a 24 hour curfew for tomorrow, September 5, 2021.

This is the first all-day curfew to be imposed since the island recorded its first coronavirus positive case in March, 2020.

This is not the only measure the government has embarked on in an effort to stem the rising cases of the virus which has taken 108 lives to date, affected over 8,500 persons in country with 2,053 currently in isolation, all of this up to press time yesterday.

Other measures to help curb the spread of the virus came into effect yesterday and will continue up until Tuesday, September 14, 2021. These measures are as follows:

1. Suspension of the sale and disposal of intoxicating liquor at bars, rum shops and restaurants.

2. Sale and disposal of intoxicating liquor from a supermarket, gas station or wholesaler with a valid liquor license will be permitted. (No consumption of intoxicating liquor will be permitted on licensed premises).

3. Suspension of dine-in services at restaurants and food establishments. Take away (grab and go) and delivery services will be permitted.

4. Recreational/social activities at hotels will be permitted on property during curfew hours, provided that such activities take place on property. Water sports and other water related activities such as boat rides, skiing etc. must be suspended during the 24-hour weekend curfew (from Saturday 4:00 pm to Monday 4:00 am).

After the all-day curfew on Sunday the curfew hours will be shifted come Monday, September 6 all the way to Friday, September 10. On these five days the curfew begins at 7pm and ends at 4am. On Saturday (September 11) it begins at 4pm and continues through out Sunday, September 12 to 4am the following Monday, September 13.

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