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Elections 2021 Update: Alfred Prospere has Removed Este

With 1548 of the votes in his favour, newcomer, Alfred Prospere has secured the Dennery South seat for the Saint Lucia Labour Party.

A wide grin from Alfred Prospere
Alfred Prospere

The incumbent Edmund Estephane, has been a United Workers Party stalwart from 2006 when he was victorious at the polls.  He is the former Minister of Trade, Industry and Commerce, Minister of Health, Minister for Labour, Information and Broadcasting, Minister in the Ministry for Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government, and Minister for Youth Development and Sports.

Prospere, a retired Chief Forestry Officer in the Ministry of Agricultural and a son of the soil has served his community, Dennery in many capacities, including as a board member on various community foundations, councils and associations.

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  1. Dennery, under the past administration is like a raped woman. Her sons and daughters are devoured by every rabid wolf called bossman”. Cochon Maron have stripped away the dignity of her respectable elders and sold her inheritance to greedy dogs.

    Until July, 26, 2021, GOD looked down on the affliction of the people of Dennery and St.Lucia and sent saviors to chase away the beasts and deliver Dennery and St.Lucia from perdition.

    If Mr. Prospere is one of the saviors commissioned to chase the evil beasts from the island, we will see it in his move to spearhead the resurgence of agriculture, a respectable fisheries and other small local industry in the village- boost the economic stamina of Dennery and St.Lucia.

    Son of the soil – Aller levay nai Dennery ec St.Lecie. Nous-ca swatay-ou la benediction bon dieu.

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