Myron Charged for hosting Mass Crowd Event

Officers attached to the Choiseul Police Station responded to a report of a possible COVID-19 protocol breach on Saturday, March 13, 2021,  at Victoria, Choiseul, where a mass crowd activity was ongoing.

Information relayed to officers indicated that a cockfight was in progress.

According to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, no mass crowd gatherings are permitted during this period and no approval of any such activity was granted by the Office of the Commissioner of Police. No one acting on behalf of the Commissioner of Police, granted permission to host the activity.

On arrival, the officers conducted enquiries and were able to identify the host of the activity. He was arrested and escorted into police custody. Myron Joseph, a resident of Victoria, Choiseul, was later charged for hosting a mass crowd gathering and was bailed on his own recognizance to appear before the court, on April 26, 2021.

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  1. Darned that Covid a spoil sport: Gladiators of old fought in Roman Arenas, Christians
    were ravaged by animals for the entertainment of the Emperors of Rome; fast forward
    two thousand years, man still take pleasure in the sufferings of others, though I watch a lot
    of the fake Wrestling on T.V., I know its fake but good exhibition. At Vigie Beach some guys
    dug holes, collected male beach crabs and watch how they ripped each other apart. This is
    the classic mentality of primitive man. I love sports and I used to participate in many, and my
    favourite was Swimming – Water Polo. Now I watch on screen & read battles in ‘Old Testament’

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